Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Personal events kept and continue keeping me from posting periodically.

Part of my reason, however, it simply becomes overwhelmingly depressing.

Events follow an inevitable and predictable downhill trajectory of more war, conflict, suffering, dehumanization, destabilization, one I documented for years in previous entries, since inception of my first blog, still blocked for reasons unknown to me.

Living in NAZI occupied Alice in Wonderland Thru a Looking Glass Darkly, an Orwellian double, triple, speak fictional world of Dis-United Assholes and Suckers, the party, game, fiction, is OVER, FINISHED, KAPUT!!

If not already, delusions rapidly to be shattered.

USA GLOBAL power, legitimacy, domination, hegemony, diminished, evaporating, eroding, as I write.

CIA boy toy OBOOMA's legacy will be an END.

Nobody listens to the US anymore, as well they should not.

Not that the rest of a NAZI OCCUPIED, reactionary, PRIVATE GLOBAL CAPITAL world is any better.

As the last bastion, repository, sinkhole, of PRIVATE CAPITAL RESURGENCE and FASCISM after WWII, the US succeeded in destroying everything positive constructed after (and before) WWII, including the USSR and remnants of what formerly WAS Red China.
Be careful what you wish for.

A PROFIT generated economic system is an insidious, insatiable, beast, a Frankenstein monster, a RAVENOUS appetite.

It is a SICK, DISEASED, parasitic, exploitative, toxic, system, by definition, requiring a daily dose of human blood as well as our planet's resources, so we/they can CONSUME MORE, MORE, MORE!!

NO humanity, compassion, sanity, kindness, exists within the exigencies of a PROFIT driven SYSTEM and its economic imperatives.

Slavery, in ALL 2000 plus years of its historical manifestations, is NOT an aberration.

It is INTRINSIC to the system.

PRIVATE CAPITAL ACCUMULATION, wealth, aggrandizement, greed, necessitates collective LABOR appropriation, exploitation, from its primitive, ancient, forms, roots, to that of the "New World," industrial slavery, and, in its most modern incarnation, NAZI CONCENTRATION and labor CAMPS.

It is the nature of the beast, well analyzed before my existence.

It is BESTIAL, primitive, reptilian.

Anything else is illusion.

And, when people operate upon illusion, fiction, NO viable answers forthcoming.

With a partnered, captive, labor movement, NO PRINCIPLED, ORGANIZED, CLASS opposition exists in the USA.

Our labor movement threw and continues to throw EVERYONE under a bus with ACTIVE SUPPORT AND PARTNERSHIP for and with OBAMA-DOES-NOT-CARE PRIVATE health insurance, STIMULUS, TARP, DEBT, subsidies, pension fund investments, FOREIGN imperialist adventures, ETC.

Likewise, most EVERYONE helped to throw the Mideast under a NAZI/FASCIST bus either by ignoring, supporting, legitimizing, or apologizing for a HOSTILE PSEUDO ISLAMIC NAZI IRAN OCCUPATION regime IN IRAQ, the Mideast in general, AND, PSEUDO-ISLAMIC FASCIST REGIMES everywhere. 


That is an undeniable historical TRUTH!!

The USSR did NOT invade Germany--Germany invaded the USSR!!

The US, and others are PARTNERED in a DOOMED CONTRADICTORY endeavor and fiction, destined to tear the world as THEY know it apart.

And, of course, as in all cases, PRIVATE CAPITAL and PROFIT, particularly energy, is/was THE motive, NOT religion, which continues to be merely a fig leaf, pretext, excuse, propaganda, for indiscriminate plunder, theft, extortion, intimidation, pillage, rape, murder, massacre, violence, torture, blackmail, crimes against humanity, destabilization, etc.

I did WARN previously EVERYONE partnered with NAZI IRAN WILL GO DOWN in a doomed, lunatic, venture in an expansionist IRANIAN Mideast theatre of war, NOW, encompassing, en-gulfing, ALL the region, thanks again to events like Libya, Syria, Egypt, to name but a few prominent idiotic interventions, ALL TO CONTAIN, DESTROY, a formerly PAN-ARAB SOCIALIST MOVEMENT, RESOURCE NATIONALIZATION, AND, UNITY.

Recently Netanya-HOO delivered a theatrical performance at the US Congress, as do ALL our politicians currently.

Too bad they did NOT invite Israel PROF. SHESHINSKI to speak, instead.

That certainly would have been more illuminating and educational to our US Congressional hired idiotic help and the world at large.

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