Sunday, June 26, 2016


Some PLEASANT reports for ME below regarding above topic on a website to which I have linked, before, making life a wee bit more bearable, tolerable, in these otherwise varying States of disarray and HORRIBLE affairs in which I reside.

Two links below, and, I am sure, more coming on same subject matter.

A nice diversion from ALL drivel, verbal diarrhea, garbage, surrounding me.

So, I DO appreciate service provided, amusing, entertaining, enjoyable.

HOWEVER, prior to both links, in regard to MY heading above, "don't worry yawl," paraphrasing somewhat, Dis-United Suckers and Assholes "shoot em up" FEDERAL RESERVE printing press free money tree hero to ride in on horseback distributing aid and candy to ALL financial interests concerned, saving distressed damsels.

In SECOND link, below, I DO appreciate being made AWARE of, or, emphasizing, a nice little nuance, caveat, NOT mandating implementation, a wee bit of wiggle room.

So, first:


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