Wednesday, November 2, 2016


First of all, Hillary Clinton is DEAD meat, a recycled, rehashed, retread, zombie, political vision.

So, I wondered about POSSIBLE scenarios in what now has become a futile, totally discredited, FAKE NAZI/FASCIST S-ELECTION process flailing and failing miserably.

I wondered IF a proverbial political ax would fall BEFORE Clinton becomes s-elected, OR, after, IF she gets s-elected--NOT jail, just removal, replacement, a disposal part.

This would nullify Trump advocates focusing PRIMARILY on Hillary but NOT PRIVATE NAZI corporations behind her, nor, THEIR manufactured DEBT.

Debt repudiation, like other subjects, fell off the radar screen here in this s-election cycle, altho, it seems, NOT in Greece.
Never mind double standards, one for here, a different one for there, but, SAME economic interests both ways.

So, I pondered a POSSIBLE Biden scenario BECAUSE it was MENTIONED, at some point, recently, Hillary to select current VP Biden as Secy of State IF s-elected.

Well, that means Biden effectively BECOMES President IF Hillary gets s-elected since domestic affairs are IRRELEVANT. 

INTERNATIONAL events matter.

The US is a BANANA REPUBLIC no matter WHICH NAZI/FASCIST subhuman sleaze, garbage, trash, bag comes into office.

So, Hillary could be replaced, POSSIBLY, with current VP Biden, or, simply leave Biden as future Secy of State, i.e., PRESIDENT, put in current Democrat VP Kaine as nominal, puppet, President, like CIA Obooma or pickled brain Bush before him, and, s-elect, appoint, anoint, a new VP to be done by Congress.

Now, Biden to ME is even WORSE than Clinton BECAUSE, as is well known, Biden is/was a KEY STRATEGIC INSIDE NATIONAL SECURITY player leading up to 9/11 provocation, an ongoing SIGNIFICANT part of our INNER, PERMANENT, NAZI STATE APPARATUS NATIONAL IN-SECURITY SANCTUM team.

Former Senator, now VP, Biden represented DELAWARE, home of NAZI CHEMICAL GIANT Dupont.
Delaware, like Arab Gulf monarchies, altho small, represent corporations masquerading as a State.
Delaware and Corporation synonymous terms.
Delaware never saw a Corporation it did not like.

I do NOT know IF my above scenario unfolds exactly the way I IMAGINE, or, theorize, it above--I am trying ONLY to find POSSIBLE scenarios given an enormous strategic legitimacy BIND, conundrum, in which ALL find themselves. 

Along with an entire globe, our US political and economic system and s-election process stands completely, thoroughly, exposed, naked, delegitimized, compromised, demoralized, NO MATTER WHICH FASCIST finally gets s-elected, anointed, appointed, or, as case may be, as in other places, like Turkey,, via military coup.

So, I contemplated various POSSIBLE scenarios and wound up pondering the Biden one above.

I throw it out for speculative purposes.

IF you come up with a better scenario, let me know.

As reminder about Biden, first, from a relatively recent post I did:

Then, about 9/11 you will find Biden named within text below from a considerably earlier article.

However, be forewarned, this website evolved into another selective FRONT, mouthpiece, in a vast NAZI/FASCIST GLOBAL propaganda machine, CONSPIRACY of apologists, for one or another Fascist thug and economic interest.

So, one can NOT take ALL information ON THEIR WEBSITE presently at face value, since it has become INTENTIONALLY SELECTIVE with processes of factual commission and omission, thus, cause and effect:

Meanwhile, our present day NAZI GLOBAL PRIVATIZATION Juggernaut, and, name of NOT-SO-GREAT GAME, rolls on, as below, in Greece, along, of course, with exploding and imploding MIDEAST events, killing fields, including IRAN's pernicious role.
Greek debt situation to which I referred above noted in other articles on same website:

And for a domestic note regarding a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TWU strike.

I mentioned this possibility in an earlier post, so, followup necessary.

Local Philadelphia TWU, Public Transit Workers Union, in a significant, but, DEMOCRATICALLY controlled, "swing state" regarding Presidential s-election processes, DID strike as of yesterday.

City, State, political leaders putting enormous pressure on all parties concerned TO SETTLE THIS STRIKE QUICKLY BEFORE S-ELECTION DATE of NEXT TUESDAY, NOV 8.

What MAY happen, I BELIEVE, is a legal injunction, which, most likely, will make our CRIMINAL, CORRUPT, labor union leadership happy as a face saving option.

They can say then they were forced by external coercion, circumstances, to acquiesce and go to BINDING ARBITRATION.

BIG sticking issues ALWAYS being pensions and health care monies, which, of course, as I have said many times over, negotiated FOR AND BY LABOR RACKETEERS into PRIVATE corporations, stock markets, etc., BUT, as city, state, federal, government employees, LOSSES GUARANTEED BY TAXPAYERS!
Well, too bad.
You blew it!


Our remaining AFL-CIA/SEIU labor unions essentially FINISHED, shot themselves in the foot, thanks to ABOVE policies.

The net result to be terrible for EVERYONE concerned----more MISERABLE PRIVATIZED CONTRACTORS, outsourcing, a race to the bottom, NO EXPANDED, COMPREHENSIVE, MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY FOR ALL, and, of course, NO NATIONALIZED INDUSTRIES, because, according to Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz, Soros and Republic-rat strategist Karl Rove supported, oxymoron, Democratic Socialist, 
Bernie Sanders: 
End of sentence.

And last, but, not least, today's JOKE or JOKER, a dark laugh of the day, report about KISSINGER and RUSSIA.
I appreciate this not so little English language tidbit below.
Made my day!
However, Kissinger's NOTORIOUS career, war crimes, connections, representing NAZI ESTABLISHMENT INTERESTS extend WAY beyond that mentioned below.
EVERYONE who died, sacrificed in one or another way for, during, after, WWII DID SO IN VAIN as represented by THOSE FOR WHOM KISSINGER TOILS, FOR WHOM HIS DIRTY DEEDS EXECUTED in ALL MEANINGS OF THE WORD.
A MOCKERY of ALL ABOVE, embodying USSR dissolution and the character of what NOW stands in its place!.
Filth MUST GO!:

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