Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I return to subject matter other than the entertaining, comical shenanigans of NAZI Greek, Europe AND US political whores.

However, one more proposed, ascending currency, A NEW NAZI OCCUPIED IRAQ DINAR, added to an ever growing laundry list of re-emergent, resuscitated, barbaric NAZI Imperialist global regimes and their monetary wars while MidEeast/NORTH AFRICA/EURASIAN GAS AND OIL ENERGY WARS CONTINUE UNABATED.
It SEEMS TO ME ALL NOMINAL LEFT groupings, especially those with much rhetoric, big on jargon, carry water for one or the other economic/financial interests represented below, Hezbollah, of course, being linked to/with Iran/Syria:



And, speaking of NAZIS in the closet, I wondered WHY so suddenly a Murdoch imbroglio was manufactured, his theft and criminality widely KNOWN beforehand.
So, why now??

Aside from a European dimension, I thought a POSSIBILITY being Murdoch's sponsored US Fox TV Republican partisan soapbox against our other NAZI Democrat whores.
So, I speculated, the NAZI partnered Dems figured it would be a good way to keep them/him busy, diverted and compromised during an upcoming Presidential election season, something like an IMF Strauss situation.

But, another dimension, POSSIBILITY, exists about which I could NOT have known, otherwise.
When reading HELMER'S article below about ROTHSCHILD Vallar, recall my previous posts about Rothschild Israel, DUBAI, Russia interconnections.
I will post one previous link as a reminder, once again, afterwards:



Follow embedded links backwards under subheading ROTHSCHILD:



Lenin DID say "imperialism is the last stage of capitalism," or, a last refuge for scoundrels, or some such.
Indeed, ALL above represent a dying, diseased, PARASITICAL, pathological, primitive, barbarian NAZI HORDE, ultimately destined for mass extermination, extinction, suicide, self-implosion.

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