Saturday, July 16, 2011


"Gotta" thank whomever did the following item below about THE MERKEL, a new German currency!!
I was laughing hysterically out loud and continued chuckling every time I thought about it thereafter.
Made my day!!

But, let's take it further, thought I.

Euro, schmoro, schmekel, dollar, "let's call the whole thing off":


(Or any other side bar version you wish to choose from above).

I propose starting afresh, beginning entirely ANEW, with a more diminutive, less competitive, but, WELL ESTABLISHED, ANCIENT global currency, the SHEKEL!!

That will satisfy virtually everyone, especially those who believe a vast Israel, a.k.a., Jewish, conspiracy rules the globe, responsible for just about everything from bad tasting vegetables to 9/11 events to Iraq war to UFOs, WWII, JFK assassination, deep oil, peak oil, tsunamis, earthquakes, asteroids, etc.

Surely, that will seal THEIR argument forever, once and for all.

Furthermore, ALL NAZI interests coincide, overlap, intersect in their vassal, client state of Israel, not to mention symbolic significance;
the shekel being of biblical antiquity, Mesopotamian ancestry, currency, coinage, weight, lineage, not like our new fangled adolescent DOLLAR and baby, infant crib death, suffocating EURO.
Thus, it seems to me only appropriate to revive a SHEKEL as the symbolic new/old global currency since it is MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA "EMERGING MARKET" PRIVATIZATION over which fighting occurs at the moment.

So a BOXING MATCH to be arranged between a Mideast Shekel versus a Europe/US Merkel deciding which, whose, currency DOMINATES A BRAVE NEW PRIVATIZED WORLD.
Place bets NOW:


Speaking of ruling and owning the world, US President, oops, I mean, Secy of State, Hillary Clinton, embarks on a Greek jaunt this coming Sunday:


I can only wonder IF Hillary will be carrying suitcases stuffed with CASH from a highly ANTICIPATED US DEBT CEILING INCREASE, newly minted US taxpayer monies, hot off the press.
Her trip might be a wee bit premature for that, altho, a reassuring note will be much appreciated.
Hang in Papandreou!!
I did a post below about this subject:


Perhaps, President, Secy of State, Clinton will bring with her as part of her entourage, retinue, instead, some US labor mafia scum-bags, AFL-CIA and SEIU representatives, to help carry cash like was previously done by others in IRAQ.

Remember them/that??

Nary a prosecution.

Money down the drain, a black hole.
Oh, well.
C'est la vie!
Que sera, sera.

What's a few billion, trillion, I.O.U., whatever denomination, more or less, between NAZI friends, partners, criminal associates.

Who counts??

That would be impolite.
Besides, they always can print more money from whence originates their paper currency.

Speaking of impolite, a few more impolite Greek AND IRAQ notes.
An "impolite" exchange occurred in a Comment Section below and a respondent ACCURATELY mentioned Greek shipping magnates also are bank holders.


The most notorious historical Greek shipping magnate being NAZI ARISTOTLE ONASSIS who subsequently married NAZI assassinated John Kennedy's widow/wife, Jacqueline.
It helps going backwards and forwards in 20th century Greek history from NAZI Onassis illustrious criminal, mafia, associated career.
I do NOT know NOW who inherits, fills, Onassis shoes at present.
I did a post some time back mentioning a murky Greek company called "Dryships."
Here it is.
As usual, not all links work.
A few still do, however:


**And, finally, AN IRAQ DENOUEMENT, COUP DE GRACE, to which I allude above AND in MY MANY PREVIOUS POSTS**:


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