Friday, June 7, 2013


Every one of these sanitized NAZI lineage scumbags enumerated above/below, along with their private ASSETS, CORPORATIONS, including those cloned most recently in a POST USSR counter-revolutionary world and numerous others NOT specifically named, with their opportunistic prostitutes, hatchet men and women, MUST BE LIQUIDATED, expropriated, terminated, prosecuted, for RECIDIVIST BARBARIC, HORRIFIC, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, TORTURE, RAPE, PLUNDER, GRINDING POVERTY, WANTON DESTRUCTION, MURDER, DEATH, DECAY!!

Prosecution really being too good an end for them.
Hanging much better.
Or, tossed alive from airplanes, as THEY did/do to others, especially, Latin America.
Or, roast, toast, them, again, as done to others.
Or, perhaps, make them work at slave grinding poverty the rest of their lives cleaning toilets or some other such similar drudgery.
Punishment befitting a crime.

Nuremberg trial did NOT touch ANY of THESE PEOPLE.

Of course, previous NOBILITY were executed and/or beheaded on the spot in MANY instances.
Mussolini hung.
So, you decide.

But, let's NOT pretend this sickening residual crop of WEALTHY individuals gathering represents anything other than a heap of repulsive, disgusting, human excrement.

Along with a SOCIETY that REFLECTS, SANITIZES, LEGITIMATES, both THEM and their ill gotten gain:

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