Thursday, June 27, 2013


How can I resist posting such a marvelous tasty morsel, SAMPLE, of outlandish propaganda representing what passes for news coverage both HERE, and,  apparently, abroad, as well.

Today's JOKE, COMEDY!!

Georgetown University, mentioned below, like many PRIVATE institutions of its ilk HERE well known for a COZY relationship, marriage, with CIA/STATE/PRIVATE CORPORATE employers.

A conduit.

If you want a career as a professional spook, traitor, best to go to Georgetown or some such similar highly EXPENSIVE PRIVATE institution, think tank, often called academia.

Of course, HARVARD, another internationally renowned institution housing, amongst other celebrities, former author, speaker, ideologue, Iraq Kanan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, Iraq Memory Project circle of wealthy expatriates, AND, ALSO, HARVARD manufactured current WHITE HOUSE CIA PUPPET, STOOGE.

Don't worry.
Money NO obstacle.
Scholarships available to all and anyone, especially those abroad, interested in serving ABOVE FUNCTION.

Multiple language skills generally required, helpful, when applying for above positions.

But, when deemed necessary, valuable, appropriate, a worthwhile investment, second/third languages can be learned.

So, today's joke:

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