Saturday, December 7, 2013


Over many years I watched perhaps thousands of movies, an overwhelming majority, 98, 99%, being foreign and/or independent films and a rare, occasional, domestic one.

I utterly detest, deplore, despise,  commercialized Hollywood, sawdust brain, cardboard glitz and glamor.

So, it is always a pleasant surprise when I discover a great cinema CLASSIC about which I knew zilch beforehand.

Somewhat belatedly, I JUST discovered an indomitable 1933 Fritz LANG CLASSIC movie of same name as heading above, link below.

I found myself blown away by Lang's STUNNING and OBVIOUS parallels, analogy, symbolism, imagery, AND, prescience, regarding events unfolding, a la Kafka, a metamorphosis, soon becoming an unrecognizable NAZI Occupied German State, AS TRUE, ACCURATE, TODAY, if not more so, AS THEN.

Inescapably, in Lang's 1933 film, one cannot help noticing overlaid prototypes, templates, tactics, for future events.

Film subtitle:

"The Time Will Come For an Empire of Crime."

Can STATE of affairs, TODAY, as then, be described any better??

Lang's movie is available in its original German on youtube, but, NOT English or any other language subtitles.
At least, I did not find it with ANY subtitles.
(Of course, I saw it with ASSISTANCE of English subtitles.)

I provide just one link, below, which does NOT provide too much, but, just enough, plot, analysis, for those who MAY NOT have seen it already.
I do not want to spoil it in case you plan on viewing it sometime:

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