Thursday, December 12, 2013


Really, does it get much better than headline above, below??!!

I laughed aloud mightily when first I heard/saw this.
A jolly, rip roaring, hysterical, hearty, belly laugh.
Like mythical Santa.

Merry Xmas!!

Those named above/below to receive MANY XMAS GIFTS, presents, FREE MONEY, courtesy of "Uncle Sam" Santa Claus, i.e., a NAZI OCCUPIED and OWNED US Federal Reserve and Government.
I did MANY earlier posts about NAZI CITIGROUP Stanley FISCHER, a former Governor of the Bank of Israel.
Preceding Fischer an even better Governor of Bank of Israel, namely, Frenkel, about whom I did a post to which I ALSO link below.

As SAMPLES, I link only to these 2 earlier entries, BELOW, but, IF you search MY blog for words/name like Fischer and Israel, certainly you will come up with many more posts.

I guess MOST CURRENT ubiquitous NAZI LINEAGE GLOBAL GANG OF THUGS decided it best to put THEIR illustrious NAZI Fischer operative into THEIR PRIVATELY OWNED US FEDERAL RESERVE MONEY PRINTING PRESS, TREE, sanctuary, thereby insuring THEIR voracious NAZI wolf dressed in Grandma's clothing, Yellen, does correct to protect all of THEM.

NAZI lineage CITI Fischer can hold Yellen's hand, SUPERVISE, whisper sweet nothings into her ears, INSTRUCT, aid, abet, assist, IN HOW TO COMMIT HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANOURS, THEFT, GRAND LARCENY, such as US Fed Reserve stimulus, quantitative easing, debt, TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), etc.

So, we KNOW WHO runs a PRIVATELY OWNED US Federal Reserve Monetary Cookie Jar AND, as well, THEIR titular CIA boy toy Emperor, President, Obooma:

So, as promised above, below but 2 SAMPLE posts I did encompassing NAZI pedigree Fischer, Frenkel, Israel, and matters related.
As usual, FOLLOW EMBEDDED LINKS BACKWARDS for a tour-de-force:


I hope "yawl" feel much better, more secure, now that such illustrious people as those above run a LUNATIC FRINGE CRIMINAL OPERATION in NAZI OCCUPIED WASHINGTON, DC.

In conclusion, I add one more irresistible postscript, expressing a CHARACTERISTIC LEITMOTIF and INTRA/INTER-CONNECTEDNESS, incestuous, on MY preceding theme of  most current, recidivist, GLOBAL "Empire of Crime," a la Fritz Lang, with endemic, pathological, psychotic, DELUSIONAL, inverted Orwellian charades, corruption, smoke and mirrors, graft, double/triple speak, euphemisms, etc., and, here it is:


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