Sunday, June 22, 2014


In my post, just below, I refer back to one of MANY earlier entries I did, "Waiting for Big Bang," regarding NAZI IRAN/KRG OCCUPIED, ANNEXED, IRAQ puppet dictatorship and an ONGOING, in REAL TIME, unfolding, expanding, Mideast horror movie, nightmare, epic tragedy.

I do not bother reproducing and/or itemizing, refuting, universal DRIVEL, polemics, nonsensical spin, narrative, explanations, ideology, propaganda, emanating out of ALL sides of Establishment mouthpieces, thus, diverting attention away from REAL history, and, underlying causes.

Such a Quixotic endeavor represents an exercise in futility to NO avail.

Much, most, of our propaganda machine grinds forward inexorably regurgitating, in one form or another, an artificially created simplistic Sunni-Shia religious war mantra, narrative.

In reality, of course, an UNCONTROLLABLE NAZI genie now out of a very, to say the least, vicious, pernicious, sadistic, demented, contorted, distorted, pathological, vindictive, bottle.

But, as indicated in my earlier post below, an ADDITIONAL shoe needs to fall, explode, like FICTION, LIE, above, namely, an astronomically inflated US stock market asset and debt bubble.


So, nothing to do but wait as Chicken Little runs around frantically screaming the sky is falling.

NO answers, solutions, forthcoming from an antiquated, comatose, antediluvian, political and economic system for reasons I enumerate many times over in my posts.

A true dilemma, cul-de-sac, FOR THEM!!

When one lives, acts, calculates, based on illusion, fiction, denial, delusion, consequences most often are fatal, catastrophic, ones.

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