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So, what else is new??

ONLY for MORONS here a SMALL reminder, link below, ONE of numerous earlier posts I did:

Forget amorphous Al-Queda which, according to OUR OWN CRAPPY COMMERCIAL MEDIA, exists most everywhere, proliferating profusely, lurking like insects under your bed waiting to pounce.

Saudi, ISIS, involved up to their eyeballs in BOTH IRAQ/SYRIA, along with rival NAZI OCCUPATION FORCES of IRAN/KRG and Iran's long regional tentacles.

Let's remember US/SAUDI/PAKISTAN ISI combination financed and funded "LIBERATION" forces of BARBARIC OCCUPATION TALIBAN regime in AFGHANISTAN, bombing and flattening Afghanistan back into the stone age!!


HOPE for REAL resistance, liberation, movements exists percolating underneath a multi-pronged surrogate, mercenary, proxy, INVASION, OCCUPATION, ANNEXATION, military COUP, BOTH in Syria and Iraq, extended further into the Mideast.


As for UTTER RUSSIAN TRASH, GARBAGE, and, BOGUS Opposition NOW occupying MOSCOW, UKRAINE, IMF they too can and most likely soon to disappear from Planet Earth, along with remainder of their NAZI PARTNERED PARASITES, whores, apologists, ideologues, architects, Brzezinski, Kissinger,, and CORPORATE SPONSORS.

I DID PROMISE "yawl," (I DO/DID MEAN ALL, no exceptions), involved with NAZI SPONSORED IRAN to go down TOGETHER.

The whole idea of THIS LATEST chapter in a sordid MIDEAST SPRING adventure, NIGHTMARE, being to LEVERAGE PRESSURE on NAZI IRAN MALIKI, SISTANI-SHAHRISTANI, OCCUPIED IRAQ annexation REGIME for more inclusive "POWER SHARING," a "grand bargain" of sorts.

So, NO bombs or troops to fall YET since these are OUR SPONSORED TERRORISTS in the first place, along with culprits named ABOVE.


But, the worse laid plans of NAZI mice and men do NOT work AND they/we NOW being set up for INEVITABLE consequences of EXPANDED WAR, INTERVENTION.

A SECOND IRAN-IRAQ WAR (**see my footnote at bottom**) scenario, but, this time around, external and internal circumstances completely different.

Our OWN internal politics reflect something of a similar design, a
one, two, punch.

First come Democ-rats continuing, expanding, POLICIES that SET UP disaster, catastrophe, fiasco, then, Republic-rats next claiming more, renewed, REGIME CHANGE ("Change You Can Believe In") and POLICIES, simply playing a blame game by pointing fingers at one another.

Notice NOT ONE corporation or person from former pickled brain Bush's criminal cabal prosecuted for ANYTHING whatsoever.

Halliburton doing just fine, thank you, along with ALL banks, corporations, NOW RECEIVING EVEN MORE MONEY, stimulus, quantitative easing, TARP, and so on!!

Returning to subject matter at hand, Iraq.

A TASTE, flavor, BELOW, why these tactics in IRAQ will NOT work below.
I chose RANDOMLY a link below NOT because it is wonderful, but, it sufficiently illustrates what FOR A LONG, LONG, TIME I highlighted.

The situation is and has been ongoing, OBVIOUS from the get go, as I document from the beginning:

(**FOOTNOTE from above**)

I reproduced link below many times over now, but, apparently, some very insistently stupid people exist.

So, might as well do it again.

This is FACT, HISTORY, NOT propaganda, fiction, spin.

IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND content, context, BELOW YOU do NOT UNDERSTAND what is happening by EXTENSION NOW and WHY:

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