Monday, November 10, 2014


A relatively short video BELOW from another Kennedy Assassination conference.

For more conference videos, see bottom of link below.

Kennedy Assassination being ONE out of many prior and subsequent NAZI BIG LIES, like, for example, a barbaric Rosenberg execution, part of Senate anti-Communist McCarthy witch hunt and hearings, red scare, and, too many foreign and domestic escapades for me to enumerate now.


Not only whodunit but WHY they, plural, dunnit. 


Means and opportunity aboundeth.

WHO, of course, SHOULD point to WHY??

However, CIA STILL remains a fall guy, cutout, in this sordid post WWII chapter.

NOT mentioned, for example, standing BEHIND CIA operatives being a PERMANENT, UNELECTED, NSA, National Security Administration, COUNCIL, advisors, like Henry Kissinger,, a NAZI STATE apparatus codified and institutionalized in 1947 for ALL purposes above. 

THEIR primary objective being a NOT so Cold War to OVERTURN USSR, its/their allies, and, dare I say, not so Red China.

It has been and remains MY contention Kennedy's real problem AS FAR AS THEY WERE CONCERNED was DETENTE after a hair raising Cuban Missile Crisis adventure and potential military confrontation.

Kennedy fired Dulles, thus, challenging THEIR absolute authority, along with Kennedy's brother, RFK, dismantling THEIR covert apparatus.

A definite NO-NO:

As a very BRIEF historical reminder regarding context, I refer to a link which I have done many times, BELOW, but, still, touches on some of THE MOST important historical names, connections, BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the KENNEDY ASSASSINATION and CONTINUES TO THIS DAY AND ADMINISTRATION.

One must go into greater depth and read LOTS more for a more comprehensive, picture:

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