Friday, November 7, 2014


Now that another countless political exercise in democratic futility, frenzy, and, mass hysteria finished, for the umpteenth time, Unser Fuhrer struts forth on TV uttering trite banalities, drivel, platitudes, delusional statements.

I do not believe he knows any longer in what Planet he lives.

He is a total embarrassment and his handlers, employers, should just tell him to shut up for the rest of his tenure.
Keep him behind closed doors and out of public view.
It is truly painful listening to him.
I manage a few minutes, then turn off my TV in disgust.

That's not to suggest any other in a vast stable of NAZI/FASCIST political prostitutes, whores, pimps, psychophants, apologists, career opportunists, academics, intellectuals, think tanks, media, are any better.

Alice in Wonderland living thru a Looking Glass Darkly in a world of NO HOPE OR CHANGE, instead, degradation, devaluation, demoralization, exploitation, despair, fear, a perennial pendulum, swing, of cosmetic differences.

Meanwhile, INDIVIDUAL, one on one, random and desperate theft, murder, rape, violence, guns, shootings, crime, etc., escalates, aboundeth, due almost entirely to economic deprivation, hopelessness, despair, displaced rage, outrage, anger, mental and emotional derangement, while "LEGITIMATE" STATE ORGANS REWARD MASS MURDER, KILLINGS, THEFT, WAR CRIMES, ASSET STRIPPING by and
for PRIVATE CORPORATIONS and INDIVIDUAL PROFIT, UNPENALIZED, indeed, lauded, applauded, under rubric of euphemistic, cynical, and, hypocritical humanitarian, democratic, ideals, rhetoric, jargon.


OUR MORIBUND, PARASITIC, ECONOMIC SYSTEM CONTINUES a prolonged DEATH march of paroxysms to its logical conclusion, I'm afraid, domestic and abroad, with ever greater disaster and NO solutions proffered by a NAZI PARTNERED US AFL-CIA/SEIU FAKE LABOR movement, federation, along with others, ALL mortgaged to a sordid, cannibalistic, DEHUMANIZING black economic hole, pit, consuming people both alive and dead, along with their collective natural resources, assets, and, labor.

A REAL HALLOWEEN horror tale, a frightening ZOMBIE STATE magic trick or treat.

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