Friday, May 22, 2015


All above systemic, endemic, PERPETUAL, categories.

Indeed, WAR rages AGAINST, or, ON our POOR, NOT against poverty.

To wage war on poverty one must wage war on a SYSTEM THAT CREATES POVERTY!!

Thus, ALL being said in our usual crappy media at the moment becomes MEANINGLESS posturing, lies, propaganda, a choreographed bipartisan dance, distraction. 

Disputes about taxes, trade agreements, wages, etc.

For example, US GULF (of Mexico) FEDERAL southern territorial WATERS have in them HUNDREDS of redundant PRIVATE ENERGY RIGS, DRILLS, all, or, most, for export.
Not to mention infamous BP oil spill.
Now another offshore oil spill pollutes California waters.

Why do PRIVATE corporations locate in ABUNDANCE in supposedly FEDERAL WATERS??

Why do we NOT have a NATIONAL, PUBLIC, INTEGRATED, NOT for export, profit, or, price gouging, ENERGY SYSTEM??

Why do we need MORE rather than LESS to "GROW"  economically??

Answer to questions above both obvious and rhetorical, but, OFF THE TABLE, NOT for discussion, let alone action.

As for much touted infrastructure, another BOONDOGGLE, STIMULUS, TAX GIVEAWAY, subsidizing predominantly PRIVATE COMMERCIAL INTERESTS, CAPITAL EXPANSION, ESPECIALLY ENERGY, export, explosive LNG development, etc.

ALL speculative asset bubbles.

Our OIL and AUTO industry helped DESTROY urban public transportation in the first place after WWII, replaced with and DEPENDENT UPON metallic COFFINS ON WHEELS, sprawling highways, and, concomitant suburban real estate development along with destruction of local agriculture.

And, now, what remains of local, urban, PUBLIC TRANSIT, RR and/or BUS, became OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE, limited or nonexistent in many places, rather than the other way around. 

And, what about coal; state of West Virginia home of much PRIVATELY owned coal and a ROCKEFELLER DEMOCRAT stranglehold?



Then, our internet, developed in the first place with TAXPAYER monies, subsequently HANDED to PRIVATE CORPORATE INTERESTS for THEIR own crappy commercial exploitation rather than PRIVATE COMMERCIAL INTERESTS SUBSERVIENT HAVING TO PAY TO PLACE THEIR MATERIAL ON A PUBLICLY OWNED INTERNET system.

The internet is a PUBLIC utility, like energy, infrastructure, RR, transportation.

Our s-election TV advertising also helps subsidize PRIVATE TV networks, a very lucrative business. 
One hand washes the other, always.

But, all is upside down, reversed, HERE, along with a FASCIST partnered labor umbrella federation, their PENSION FUND AND OBOOMA DOES-NOT-CARE PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE, at home and abroad.

This list, along with those named above, being long and obscene.

Let ALL here and abroad, including ALL Mideast scumbags currently OCCUPYING what FORMERLY was NATIONALIZED IRAQ, and, elsewhere, pay DEARLY for THEIR treachery, Fascist collaboration, apologetics, partnership, investments.

Let them assume responsibility and bear the consequences of THEIR ACTIONS.

Let them rot and kill one another.

Since Putin, his cohorts, and, predecessors, like Gorby, Yeltsin,, have ceded Russia's role to an historical trash bin, MAYBE those predominantly ARABS dying and fighting NOW in the Mideast will TAKE AN HISTORICAL LEAD THIS TIME AROUND AND TRANSFORM a pathetic imperialist killing field adventure, tragedy, occupation, and turn it into an opposite. 

Egypt, of course, playing a MAJOR ROLE in this equation.

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