Monday, January 25, 2016


I thought to do a very BRIEF POST about subject matter above as a reminder, or, rejoinder since so much endless chatter and noise exists now about insider versus outsider politics precipitated by billionaire Trump's unexpected Presidential candidacy.

Multi-billionaires running for office, serving in Local, City, State, Federal, NATIONAL, politics here is NOT a new phenomena.
Propertied interests CREATED this country in their own image, both a Constitution and an Independence War.

Those who OWN the COUNTRY RUN THE COUNTRY, which is WHY it is such a DISASTER!

The mother lode being our ROCKEFELLER dynasty serving OPENLY in Government as oxymoron PROGRESSIVE Democ-rats, one time even as VP.

It is an extensive family list with political careers, background, investments, and, of course, surrogates, appointed positions, most certainly extending to the current day.

You can do your own research if interested.

But, point being, nobody seems to be bothered by these inconvenient TRUTHS, FACTS.

Recidivist Crimes Against Humanity and BARBARIC NAZI ROCKEFELLER CIA/KISSINGER/MORGAN/CFR/TRILATERAL/NSA financial investments and their international cartel, connections, alliances, partners, associates, make a newcomer like Trump look like a piker, since THEIR history, background, lay behind my entire blog and they represent PROPERTIED ESTABLISHMENT policies PERSONIFIED.

And, that is why a nominal oxymoron Progressive Democ-rat Presidential candidate like Sanders is a harmless SHILL, with a long Congressional record, certainly NO outsider, and, NEVER will bite the hand that feeds him and his friends.

So, NO energy, resource, industry, whatsoever to be nationalized.

OFF THE TABLE, not for discussion. 
"WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE," quote, unquote, according to Sanders.

It represents an ideological divide, a no-no, red line, literally and figuratively.

And, thus, NO OPPOSITION to QE, STIMULUS, debt, which most helps those above.

No threat to them from Sanders, for sure, nor their invested and partnered equally bogus business labor unions.

Nor, anyone else for that matter, except, possibly, probably, most likely, from abroad.

Certainly not here.

So, Sanders runs around making empty noises, gestures, powerless threats, siphoning off energy, doing THEIR dirty work FOR THEM, UNTOUCHED, UNSCATHED, so they can falsely characterize him as a Left of my ass Opposition and then dismiss it all.

While remainder of NAZI BIG AND LITTLE LIES, fictional narratives, CONTINUE uncontested, unabated, in a vast, multitudinous, reverberating, Echo chamber of PRIVATELY OWNED, CONTROLLED, OVERT AND COVERT FUNDED, institutions referred to nebulously as ESTABLISHMENT circles or overlapping NATIONAL SECURITY STATE AND PRIVATE tentacles, i.e, public-private partnerships!!

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