Sunday, January 31, 2016


In a recent entry, below my brief commercial interruption, I refer back to the last ELECTED REAL global SOCIALIST candidate, ALLENDE, and his/their/CHILE'S FATE in the hands of the same vicious murderers NOW in office.

Well, I stand CORRECTED, that is, I CORRECT MYSELF.

There was another, different, prominent Socialist elected AFTER Chile's sordid events, namely, FRENCH MITTERAND.

So, just to set the record straight, here's an OLD post I did regarding THAT FRENCH election.

But, I can not resist adding, BEFORE you get to the juicy part, below, apparently Sanders was, at some point, I BELIEVE it was at a debate, I don't know quite when or where since I do NOT listen to this garbage, asked to DEFINE a Democratic Socialist.
I do NOT know what he said, since I do not listen to him/it/them, but, I offer a definition:  
A Democratic Socialist, aside from an oxymoron, is a neutered or neutralized Communist, whichever YOU prefer.
So, from my electronic archives regarding MITTERAND:

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