Monday, February 1, 2016


IF you happen to be seated somewhere on the globe other than our hopelessly stupid and brainwashed country, I recommend you totally disregard the sudden and unexpected meteoric rise of Born Again Democrat Socialist Sanders who represents NO threat whatsoever to PRIVATE CAPITAL here.

On the contrary.

As I say, he is/was picked INTENTIONALLY as a straw man, foil, a throw away candidate, to play the Left role, resuscitated from the dead as TRUMP's campaign unexpectedly exploded.

They like to pretend we have a horse race here by throwing in another candidate AND taking away some votes from presumptive nominee Hillary, garner media attention, channel and funnel energy, talk about "democracy," blah, blah.

But, he, they and it are MEANINGLESS expressions of futility and feel good events.

Establishment Republic-rat operatives like infamous Karl Rove and his/their super PACs (see LINK below) funnel financial, and, PERHAPS, altho I don't know for sure, but, it LOOKS to me with their human potted plants seated behind Bernie, other forms of support into HIS campaign as well.

They like to say Bernie has SMALL donors, BUT, somehow, these small donors contribute mega millions.

Bernie's meteoric rise is NOT by accident, but, design, NOT resembling anything like a popular uprising.

They had to dig deep into the bottom of the political barrel to come up with impotent, Quixotic, candidate Sanders.
Don't worry about him.
Most likely, Sanders will retire after he serving his purpose:

The real upheaval, upset, however, comes from the Trump campaign WHICH I forecast WOULD HAPPEN early on.

Since our brain dead and unconscious Left Opposition can NOT find the N word, i.e., nationalization of ANYTHING WHATSOEVER EXCEPT OUR DEBT NOR OPPOSITION TO DEBT, QE, STIMULUS POLICIES, IMPERIALISM, IRAN, FAKE ISLAMIC TERRORISM, ISIS, ETC., Trump merely walked into an OBVIOUS political chasm, vacuum, void, CREATED BY THEM in the first place, offering desperate people what they see as possibilities of recovering some semblance of industry, jobs, work.

Of course, HIS answer, program, is NOT mine.
It represents the antithesis of nationalization, supporting, rewarding, private capital and its expansion.

But, I give him credit for RECOGNIZING THE OBVIOUS MORE than the others living in economic cloud cuckoo, voodoo, land, CLASS DENIAL, PARTNERED and INVESTED with ALL POLICIES as represented ABOVE.

And, our AFL-CIA/SEIU labor unions will NOT divest themselves of their conflict of interest PRIVATE PENSION AND HEALTH CARE BUSINESSES and NO ONE inside or outside challenges

Trump's solution and program represents a RADICAL departure, not in a Left sense, obviously, but, with wide ranging economic ripples, international ramifications, implications, shifting and altering who sits at the TOP of the power heap, calls the shots, domestic and international economic competition, investments, rivalry, etc.

Whomever it is that becomes President ALSO makes appointments, has access to intelligence information, military decisions, etc.
(Can anyone imagine Bernie in THAT position??!!)

So, Trump solutions presents a radical departure from our current status quo which is why our Establishment apparatus at one and the same time is both supportive, conflicted, divided, worried and challenged.
Trump's policies move them and us into uncharted territory, an EXPERIMENT.

Of course, from MY POINT OF VIEW, our ECONOMIC system suffers from internal collapse, BANKRUPTCY, free fall, and these INTERNAL contradictions can and will NOT get resolved by Trump, either, since they are historically cyclical, repititive, internal.

But, our current CAPITAL power brokers continue applying bandaids to systemic hemorrhaging.
Tney are at a loss, at wit's end.

Precisely BECAUSE of the situation above, NO other ULTIMATE viable solution exists except a LEFT one, i.e., RADICAL RESTRUCTURING OF PRIVATE OWNERSHIP, nationalization, HERE AND ABROAD.


ALL have that IN COMMON.

In THAT sense ALL sit in the same boat together rowing frantically, but, out of sync with one another, in differing directions, trying to get out of a maelstrom.

Desperate times produce desperate measures and men.

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