Sunday, February 14, 2016


I invite you to watch, LINK BELOW, a TV program about FALSE MEMORIES and the reason WHY.

Of MANY seemingly random, senseless, mass shooting events, "terror attacks," violence, one, in particular, involved a Colorado movie shooter and ALLEGED perpetrator, a neuroscience student, James Holmes.

Well, at the time, amongst many official inconsistencies, NOBODY probed deeply into Holmes background and relationship with a controversial UNIVERSITY PROGRAM and WHAT, precisely, he and/or they did, amongst, in common parlance, something named FALSE MEMORY PROJECT.

One thing is/was perfectly clear to ME and ANYONE viewing Holmes on TV in a courtroom at the time.
His facial expression, demeanour, was DRUGGED, DAZED, confused, out of it.
With what, in particular, I do NOT know.

But, it was so physically and painfully obvious.

So, inadvertently, I happened the other day to see a program on our local PBS station which, I thought, even IF one is UNFAMILIAR with all the sophisticated science and jargon behind a FALSE MEMORY PROJECT, this program makes it very comprehensible and easy for a lay person to understand, CLEARLY demonstrating HOW one can IMPLANT even SIMPLE false memories OF CRIMES they did NOT commit minus drugs, let alone more sophisticated scenarios with drugs.

Consider, then, ABOVE HYPOTHESIS related to Holmes and  I will provide a brief link with alittle bit of academic information on him just below.

So, first, PBS program:

Then, following, a very BRIEF description indicating some really odd, inconsistent irregularities, facts, regarding official version of our Colorado shooter and his academic and personal background.

At the time I recall being particularly intrigued as to WHY he no longer participated in their program, SEEMINGLY dropping out.

This was left UNexplained.


Of course, as usual, in our modern, true life, Fritz Lang NAZI DICTATORSHIP movie, "Empire of Crime," a PATTERN of sensational events occur, OFFICIAL narratives dominate TV, media, for alittle while attracting, distracting, or, diverting our attention, then, POOF!
VANISH, disappear from public view!


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