Wednesday, February 10, 2016


With an OXYMORON, Born Again, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST FAKE OPPOSITION candidate who guarantees "WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE," THE "N" WORD (NATIONALIZATION), OFF THE TABLE, not for discussion, and, a current RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN CIA resident puppet stooge REGIME and HIS/THEIR foreign and domestic POLICIES having thrown EVERYONE here and abroad under an INDEBTED NAZI Corporate bus along with THEIR asset stripping, the ONLY answer, BY DEFAULT, becomes nationalist Trump, 2 video links below.

Republic-rat operative and strategist Karl Rove sponsored Born Again and Throwaway Democratic Socialist Sanders SHILL, LEFT FOIL, STRAW MAN, nominal opposition candidate being very happy both with QE and STIMULUS policies, as he previously indicated, along with NO nationalization, when questioned, AND, likewise, our paper tiger, straw man, Socialist said, the US NEVER defaults or repudiates debt.

Unthinkable, like the N word.

Those, at least, WERE Sanders statements, utterances, thoughts, BEFORE his political renaissance.
Have NO idea what he says NOW since I do NOT listen to a word of it/him, a totally disgusting, sickening, nauseating sham.

So, our STOCK MARKET bubble spirals downward in a death defying dance with more coming thanks to ALL POLICIES RELATED ABOVE, QE, stimulus, and, manufactured DEBT, reasons not mentioned by ALL parties concerned above and below.

And, IF you do not believe what I say constantly, all along, aside from living under a rock, a very Establishment authority corroborates what has been happening with our existing criminal regime in video link below:

(Experiencing some technical difficulties with links, colors, so, had to be a bit more creative with background, instead of usual link formatting): 

Trump becomes their best, last, and, only desperate HOPE, answer, chance, again, by default, and his challenge, as one with half a brain can well see, relates primarily to diminishing powers of our PRESENT NAZI international cartel, their clients, and, why they hate him so much while foreign interests watch carefully these new and unexpected developments promising to alter specific economic power equations.

Trump's policies do have strategic and economic IMPLICATIONS for reasons above.

Let's just say he and it represents what our present NAZI regime euphemistically labels realpolitik.

Whereas, in contrast, NAZI sponsored and ersatz toothless tiger Bernie Sanders, represents absolutely NO threat or challenge whatsoever, which THEY well understand, but, those living inside fictional worlds do NOT.

In future, IF you want to follow Trump events, just go to the C-Span website and search his name for ALL his related videos.


Below I have 2 Trump videos in which he talks, amongst other things, about drug infiltration and Mexican connections, but, I add on to it/him/them, just below, MY older entry from a previous WSJ report I featured about internecine and overlapping Mexican drug cartels, SALINAS, SLIM, CITIGROUP,, which, I am QUITE SURE Trump knows full well and he CAN do something IF he wishes, since HE KNOWS the dirty laundry and dead bodies hanging in their NAZI linen closet.

He certainly understands dirty tricks, bargains, blackmail, AND, PRIVATIZATION!

Remember, as President he has INTELLIGENCE access, CIA control, appointments, etc.

So, it is easy to understand WHY he represents a REAL, NOT CONTRIVED, challenge to existing power brokers.

Not that they will be extinguished, but, their power relatively or correspondingly diminished, no longer absolute, like now.

NOBODY involved now or before is going or has gone to jail.

And, of course, something Trump, nor anyone else, definitely will NOT change, challenge, or, reverse, PRIVATIZING MEXICO's STATE PETROLEUM CORPORATION, PEMEX, as well as peasant displacement from desirable rural agricultural LAND for purposes of international CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT, INVESTMENT, real estate speculation, etc., amongst the reasons we have SO many refugees.

Of course, OUR dirty AFL-CIA LABOR FRONT organization AIDED and abetted in MEXICAN PRIVATIZATION POLICIES, about which I did a few posts.

Anyway, shared GULF OF MEXICO STATE, FEDERAL, territorial waters do exist, BUT, instead, HERE, an OCEAN OF PRIVATE ENERGY COMPANIES aboundeth, including notorious BP and its disastrous oil spill!


So, 2 Trump video events, links, below, for your edification and/or amusement:


AND, MY reminder about MEXICO, along with others, and CITIGROUP from a considerably earlier entry.
Once again, follow backwards embedded links for more info:

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