Monday, August 15, 2016


I force myself to listen to this drivel.

It gets worse and worse and the worse or best is yet coming with so-called FASCIST election debates.

NO point in beating a dead horse.

History, truth, being irrelevant, dead.

See MOST of my earlier posts.

The stupid people, as Trump calls them, of the US deserve precisely what presently they have and continue to get in perhaps somewhat revised shape.

What happens to them being their problem ALONE, including, most importantly, our disgusting labor unions, AFL-CIA/SEIU, assorted front groups, covert ops, extras, ALL of whom contributed to make this nightmare movie extravaganza reality.

For everyone else around the globe, SHOW HIM/THEM TO WHOM BELONGS MIDEAST, and/or, for that matter, anywhere else on the globe, OIL, NATIONAL ASSETS.

One country you can leave out being HERE, because, in the infamous words of Born Again oxymoron Democratic Socialist Shill Bernie Sanders, "we don't do that HERE," and you better not do that THERE or we are coming to get you!!

As I say in my post just below, IF one HERE manages to find someplace else on the globe to go, run, hide, hibernate, exist, my advice, do so immediately:

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