Monday, August 8, 2016


I have thousands of entries, so, it is impossible for me to instantaneously RECOLLECT ALL information posted over such an extensive period of time.

But, as a sample test, I did ONE very simple search regarding Turkey and ERDOGAN's NAME and came up with, at minimum, one good link from 2009 with DETAILS, see below.

Obviously, this reflects SHIFTING MIDEAST SANDS, so, what existed then need be updated.

Nonetheless, it certainly does give one a MUCH BETTER idea of CAUSE AND EFFECT then a multitude of disparate junk, garbage, SPECULATION, disinformation, propaganda, nonsense, propagated by lazy sloths feigning journalism ON LINE.


As usual, SOME embedded ELECTRONIC links in post below NO longer work, but, others do.
I LEARNED from past EXPERIENCE to EXTRACT as much as possible PERTINENT INFORMATION from electronic links and paste it into my posts as a sort of insurance policy against "missing links":

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