Sunday, October 9, 2016


Above heading descriptive of our nasty US FASCIST s-election process, competition, between competing eonomic factions, like a boiling Mideast cauldron minus, at least, NOT YET, militias HERE.

So much dirt exists on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, candidates, that I can only guess at WHAT might be pulled out of a proverbial hat next and into the gutter for public consumption.

But, ISSUES, ANSWERS, continue, remain, IGNORED, DIVERTED, SIDESTEPPED, in ALL instances.

Actually, the more our NAZI Establishment Media go after Trump, the better his chances supposedly representing the anti-Establishment candidate.
It really backfires.

Trump will NOT pull out of the race despite ALL their blackmail and filthy tactics.
More importantly, his supporters will NOT disappear, melt, evaporate, and, go quietly into the sunset like ERSATZ Socialist SHILL Bernie Sanders.

One can only imagine what will, might, happen IF our "Establishment" tries STEALING this election.

All hell to break loose then.

The underlying economic problems and issues are NOT evaporating, melting away, unlike our polar icecaps.

On the contrary, just like the Mideast, every solution, answer, including that which Trump proposes, simply DEEPENS, INTENSIFIES, EXISTING CONTRADICTIONS!!

This election REFLECTS that FACT!

By the way, as a minor aside, for those in the know, I WONDER if the name Vince Foster will surface anywhere in the near future regarding Clinton.
ALL dirty laundry to hang out IF those are the tactics they want to use.
The more the better as far as I'm concerned as a GLOBAL, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, anachronistic, barbaric, NAZI/Fascist Juggernaut rolls on like a swirling vortex, hurricane, engulfing and destroying everything and everyone in its path.

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