Tuesday, October 18, 2016


First to business at hand regarding what now has become a detested TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Pact, DEFINITELY to be approved in one of 2 ways AFTER OUR PATHETIC US PRESIDENTIAL S-ELECTION BUT BEFORE CURRENT OBOOMA TRASH REGIME LEAVES OFFICE EITHER as a lame duck President, OR, BY HILLARY, HERSELF, IF OR WHEN SHE STEALS THE ELECTION, which, as most everyone knows, WILL be done by or for her SINCE NO other way exists.

Elections and primaries are stolen ALL THE TIME!

There are many, many, ways to manipulate outcome numbers, machines, not solely thru direct voter fraud, which ALSO happens, but, electronics, WHO watches vote tabulation, HOW it happens, and so on.

These procedures and the PEOPLE WHO CONTROL it vary tremendously from location to location, county to county, etc.

Our election districts and regions are gerrymandered anyway, as everyone knows.

So, IF you do NOT want above, better NOT vote for Democrat NAZI PARTY and BETTER be prepared to FIGHT for your vote!!

It's a SURE BET otherwise!!

Trump IS correct on THAT one point.

And, further, IF you are a betting person, you should bet on above and below headline.


Their BIG issue NOT wages, BUT, PENSIONS AND HEALTH CARE, BOTH OF WHICH, I say repeatedly in my many posts negotiated and INVESTED BY THEIR CRIMINAL FASCIST UNIONS into PRIVATE corporations, stock exchange, BUT, guaranteed BY LOCAL TAX PAYERS, UNLIKE OTHER PRIVATE INDUSTRY WORKERS!

Then, they RAISE TAXES and/or BORROW from SAME financial institutions to PAY for above, a win-win for PRIVATE CAPITAL!

Additionally, the State of Pa is what is labelled here a CONTESTED swing state for the Presidential s-election.

Well, WHO would such a strike hurt most, politically??

IF the TWU strikes it would be a MAJOR disruption and a BIG political upheaval.

BUT, Phila and suburban surroundings are DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLDS, altho NOT the rest of the State which is solidly pro-Trump.

Unions are COMPLETELY enmeshed with their CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT Administration regime.

So, what do you think will happen??
To strike or not??
Most likely, in MY opinion, for OBVIOUS reason, a postponed strike until AFTER elections.

This most sordid plot continues thickening as everyone goes after the jugular.

For me, this is becoming real fun.

Since Trump NOW accuses, or, exposes, Mexico's Carlos Slim for libel, false accusations, STILL, however, NOT naming Citigroup, et.al., I thought I would do a refresher on the illustrious relationship of Carlos Slim with those above.

I have LOTS of posts on these nefarious connections.

I certainly can't agree more with Trump that the NY TIMES, along with ALL major publications here are TRASH, GARBAGE, TOILET PAPER.

But, so are Trump's backers--not the rank and file, I mean, but, his economic partners in crime.

Nonetheless, Trump IS correct that it takes COURAGE, GUTS, to go against an international NAZI cartel, conglomerate.

It's like mafia wars, except, in comparison, he/they are second rate.

He IS correct NONE of our politicians will challenge their ABSOLUTE power monopoly simply because they are the hired help, it is their JOB DESCRIPTION, whereas Trump has deep pockets AND lots of MUD to sling back in their faces.

I give him credit for THAT part AND raising SOME important issues which would NEVER have been on the table for discussion otherwise.

According to our NAZI Establishment, the economy is doing just fine.

NONE of this would be happening if it were not for Trump's candidacy and challenge.

Certainly, HOWEVER, IF Trump OR ANYONE were saying ANY of what I SAY on MY posts, money or no money, he or she either would become a dead man/woman, or, his/her/their empire would evaporate, melt, blow up before his/her eyes, or, he/she would never even get past first base.

So, first, Trump report:


Then, from ONE of my numerous entries below.

Of course, the STORY behind what was a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the WSJ is another chapter in our sordid international NAZI saga.

Also, perhaps, people MAY remember the brutal assassination of courageous FORMER WSJ reporter, Daniel Pearl.

One caveat to my entry below.

I am NOT up to snuff regarding CURRENT political and economic machinations in Mexico, so, I do NOT know who or which parties, economic interests, NOW fight with one another in Mexico and HOW it helps one or the other eliminating or pointing fingers at Slim.
That's an important caveat.
There are always winners and losers.
This is NOT a story about RE-NATIONALIZATION!
This a PRIVATIZED mafia war story WRIT LARGE with STATE resources!:


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