Saturday, February 18, 2017


I think it alot better, easier, simple, more precise, less confusing, ceasing to use national, country, names, identities, like US, China, Russia, etc., for journalistic purposes.


Simply inform yourselves regarding SPECIFIC commercial interests here and abroad.
Totally ignore the hyperbole, spin, echo chamber, cacophony of distraction provided by our entire institutional edifice of corporate media, whores, represented on ALL/both sides of the SAME COIN.
One side of coin you get Sanders, flip it over you get Trump or Clinton, Obooma.

So, below, I chose a FEW random SAMPLES demonstrating what I mean.
Much more available at same AND OTHER websites.

I highlight FIRST report below about CANADIAN UNIONS ONLY BECAUSE it nicely demonstrates SAME conflict of interest as represented by OUR own racketeering, criminal, AFL-CIA/SEIU labor unions via THEIR pension fund and/or health care investments which NOBODY cares to confront, change, challenge!

(Another time more to say regarding our NOMINAL STATE, government, PENSION system, but, PRIVATELY invested and its CURRENT BANKRUPTCY, WHO pays, WHO is responsible, WHAT to do!):

Since latest Lady Thatcher clone visited current Presidential Recidivist Crimes Against Humanity ROCKEFELLER TREX ADMINISTRATION just now I thought to highlight one report below about BP/BG EGYPT investment, BECAUSE, no doubt, amongst many possible items discussed at their collective meeting was/is BP/BG global, which, IF collective amnesia does not exist, includes BP in the US Gulf of Mexico and its HORRENDOUS oil spill not long ago.

Gulf of Mexico being identified HERE NOMINALLY as FEDERALLY OWNED territory, but, as I indicate, represents a SEA OF PRIVATE INVESTMENT.

The article below refers to Egypt STATE ENERGY.

IF Egypt has a STATE ENERGY system than what the hell is BP doing there??
Same as OUR GULF OF MEXICO, no doubt.

Egypt might as well declare itself a colony!:

The list goes on as private interests overlap, conflict, compete, for ever greater profit margin, market share, MORE CONSUMPTION, cheap labor, pricing, taxes, natural resources, and so on.


The question being NOT WHICH form of energy BUT WHO OWNS IT!!

It is NOT ONLY ENERGY, but, energy represents a fundamental underpinning of the entire economic superstructure.

"China" being another collection of private economic interests, exports, A MYRIAD of CRAP, ABSOLUTE GARBAGE, JUNK.

Places like Walmart and Amazon (paying NO sales tax) only exist because of the CRAPPY COMMERCIAL JUNK, STUFF, emanating out of Made in China garbage wonderland.

Of course, an equally PRIVATELY OWNED global production supply chain exists--assembled, manufactured, in China.

Energy, ships, ply the seas transporting what really it is: GARBAGE.
These are humongous GARBAGE ghost SHIPS crisscrossing the sea dumping their WASTE products on places like HERE.

So, expect NO change for the better as long as NO CHANGE in OWNERSHIP from PRIVATE TO COLLECTIVE, STATE, occurs.

These FUNDAMENTAL, SYSTEMIC, economic contradictions created WWI, in response, the Great Russian Revolution, then, WWII with ultimate EXPANSION of the USSR and global revolution.

NO USSR exists any longer, nor, of course, anything resembling RED China, so, history not only will, but, MUST repeat itself and the powder keg exists already in greater Mideast, Eurasian, destabilized, including Euro Zone, arc.

Last but not least following report, link, to suffice as my own editorial commentary to the above:

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