Thursday, August 10, 2017


Once upon a time, not too long ago, a little song, tune, rhyme, ditty, composed during a US Vietnam War period existed, which, IF not familiar with it already, asks following, above, question, more or less paraphrased:

"One, two, three, what are we fighting for?
No, I don't give a damn, I'm going to Vietnam.."


So, LINK BELOW represents most current answer to SAME question, song.

NOW, instead, US OUTSOURCES THEIR NAZI WARS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE with use of SURROGATES, mercenaries, at home and abroad, volunteer forces, armies, thugs, fascists, militias, private firms, etc., instead of a conscript army.

Politicians HERE are afraid to use ground troops from THIS country anywhere on the globe.
Coffins coming home do not make good politics.

Besides, it is NOT cost effective.

NO profit to be had from useless grunts, ground troops, humans, requiring taxpayer MONEY to meet their needs, feed, house, cloth them, then, administer to their disabilities, post traumatic stress, wounds, IF they manage to survive.

Instead, much better to produce LOTS of military hardware, TECHNOLOGY, a perpetual and growing national (in)security INDUSTRY, private intelligence agencies, assassins, thugs, gun and drug cartels, money laundering, privatized PROFITEERING, BUSINESS, market share, "homeland insecurity, terrorism," etc.

So, answer to heading and song above:

As for empty, bombastic, noises emanating out of most current idiot and reality TV star, mobster, entertainer, FRONT MAN, resident, in the US White House, a DIFFERENT kind of bombshell scheduled to explode FOR SURE come September, early Fall, when Congress returns, namely, "to raise or not to raise" US Federal DEBT CEILING limit.

This movie has played before, recently, but a command performance upcoming, a SURE, rather than uncertain, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC BOMBSHELL, bet, starring PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve MONEY with which one can bank and a revolving door of star studded faces!

In conclusion, I cannot resist tangentially adding my OWN commentary, that being:

Facebook is F-CKBOOK!

Hopefully, my blog will NOT be censored for obscenity!

Along with most all commercially USURPED internet garbage, a plethora of redundant and STUPID electronic gadgets, games, videos, apps, and so on.

NO value added.

They/it produce NO basic needs, related industries, such as housing, food, energy, transportation, education, medical services, etc.

It/they represent nothing but hype and another artificially manufactured, PRIVATIZED, ASSET BUBBLE, investment vehicle.

Finally, how about GLOBAL economic SANCTIONS against ALL those represented ABOVE?
Why do sanctions apply ONLY one way and not in multiple directions??

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