Thursday, October 27, 2011


Stock markets around the globe rose today on good news of a Greek Debt deal, restructuring.
Celebrations are premature.
What goes up, will come CRASHING DOWN NEXT!!
Ironically, an upcoming Greek Oxi Day holiday, celebration, tomorrow, Oct 28, discussed in numerous Greek links, websites, I am sure will be overwhelmed, overshadowed, overrun with OUTRAGE AND PROTEST.
For further background reading on Oxi Day:

I am ALSO SURE a GREEK CP, KKE, will RISE TO THE OCCASION as, so far, they continue doing.

Italy, by the way, next on a NAZI GLOBAL corporate debt hit list, agenda, and proposed "solution," representing NO solution at all, whatsoever, intensifying, expanding CONFRONTATION.

The PRIMARY purpose, exercise, of this manufactured, SPECULATIVE, debt BUBBLE to PRIVATIZE ALL REMAINING, PRESENTLY OWNED, STATE/PUBLIC industry, assets, natural resources, utilities and services.

And, while at it, gobble up a few smaller, private, locally owned industries as well.

ABOVE BEING THEIR MAIN, PRIMARY GOAL, minus NAZI militaries marching around the globe, since, THIS TIME AROUND, those particular ones are non-existent, except for THEIR/A NATO umbrella, of course, and United Suckers and Assholes SURROGATE FORCES, functioning as German/NAZI Axis alliance replacement.
So, below, for example, is a TERSE, CRYPTIC, brief, short, one sentence EXCERPT from an equally concise report regarding what I mean above from the main Greek English language Establishment corporate daily:

"...Greece will capitalise on an EU agreement to slash its debt by pressing ahead with structural economic reforms, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said on Thursday..."


SAME reported BUT with different details at keeptalkinggreece website, above.

Meanwhile, for MORE about a Greek CP resistance, opposition, KKE role in, during and post WWII, THEIR following video, ALTHO IN GREEK, nonetheless, with exemplary visual, photographic, history and anyone with a SLIGHT bit of GENERAL background knowledge can appreciate the visuals and place them in SOME GENERAL context, once again:


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