Sunday, October 23, 2011


An interesting list of INTERNATIONAL labor support for GREEK STRIKE ACTION, RESISTANCE, OPPOSITION follows below.

I perused the names itemized and, aside from the WFTU, I noticed ONLY one, apparently very small, localized, US group with whom I am totally unfamiliar, AND, most fascinating of all, Iraq's NEWLY FORMED OCCUPATION LABOR ARM, ORGANIZATION and AFL-CIA/CHALABI COLLABORATOR, CREATION!!

Iraq's LEGITIMATE, FORMER, GENERAL LABOR CONFEDERATION, umbrella association, previously attached to the WFTU, being ILLEGALLY DISBANDED, LIQUIDATED, its assets SEIZED immediately upon occupation and invasion and roundly condemned by those opposing legitimacy of ANY SUBSEQUENT IRAQ OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT and concomitant PRIVATIZATION!!

Thankfully, as DETAILED in one of Layla's previous posts, those in Iraq blue collar (and other) industry AFTER OCCUPATION are/were brought from elsewhere, NOT an initial Iraq labor force!!
Below is the post to which I refer with a one sentence, paragraph, EXCERPT out of much other information, helping to describe WHY Iraq's workforce is so COMPLIANT, OBEDIANT, to/with the ABOVE PROGRAM.
Then, link follows for FULL entry:

"...Thousands of Iraqi workers have been laid off with no compensation, unable to be re-employed, living on less than a 1$ a day. You know why ? Because all those who have bought the industries in Iraq are employing either their own blue collars workers or hiring non Iraqis..."


Also listed below, interestingly, is an Iranian group.

Not sure WHO they are, represent.
(The US DOES have its covert AFL-CIA/ILO Iran labor arm, connections, as well.)
So, a most curious development to me as to WHY the above/below appear on an international Greek General Strike, labor, support list AND PERHAPS partially answers, explains, a VERY PERTINENT question/s I ask repeatedly WHY NO principled statement emanates from a Greek or any other CP regarding MIDEAST DEVELOPMENTS AS I (AND OTHERS) DESCRIBE, DETAIL, ON MY MANY POSTS!!
NO small, minor, arcane, inconsequential matter.
I conclude, said, all along, they MUST be compromised.
But, I ask/ed, wonder, ponder, speculate, BY, WITH, FOR WHOM and HOW??
Who are the conduits??
Well, PERHAPS, my question partially is answered by the above and below:

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