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In previous posts I LINK to a book and author from whom I EXCERPT, once again, below.

I decided to reiterate and reproduce from GEORGE SELDES CLASSIC 1943 SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK, "FACTS AND FASCISM," his OPENING paragraphs, descriptions, salvos, since it saves me trouble saying SAME REPTILIAN NAMED INTERESTS, BARBARIC TACTICS, EVERYTHING.

(I believe above/below book available in its entirety ONLINE if one searches.)

Of course, SOME POST WWII US of A changes occurred, like, for example, independent labor organization CIO morphed to become a politically PURGED AFL-CIA after 1950s Senator Joe McCarthy Anti-Communist Hearings, Witch Hunts, 1947 National Security Act, 1947 ANTI-LABOR TAFT-HARTLEY LAW, CODIFIED, INSTITUTIONALIZED, NAZI STATE APPARATUS, PENTAGON, established, REPRESENTING THOSE AND MORE BELOW named in SELDES BOOK.

Post WWII global Fascist/NAZI Establishment MOVED out from Europe lock, stock and barrel, setting up base shop instead in backwater US of A, operations center, HOME, for THEIR continued counter-revolutionary, USSR, Red China, subversion activities.

Thus, above/below condition described so accurately by Seldes SAME I FACE every single day NOW, but, with additional COLLABORATORS as mentioned ABOVE and in my many previous posts: 

"...THE TIME will come when people will not believe it was possible to mobilize 10,800,000 Americans to fight Fascism and not tell them the truth about the enemy. And yet, this is exactly what happened in our country in the Global War.

The Office of War Information published millions of words, thousands of pamphlets, posters and other material, most of it very valuable and all of it intended to inspire the people and raise the morale of the soldiers of production and the soldiers of the field; but it is also a fact that to the date of this writing the OWI did not publish a single pamphlet, poster, broadside or paper telling either the civilian population or the men and women in uniform what Fascism really is, what the forces are behind the political and military movements generally known as Fascism, who puts up the money, who make the tremendous profits which Fascism has paid its backers in Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and other nations. Certainly when it comes to relating foreign Fascism with native American Fascism there is a conspiracy of silence in which the OWI, the American press, and all the forces of reaction in America are united. Outside of a few books, a few pamphlets, and a few articles in the very small independent weekly press which reaches only a few thousand readers, not one word on this subject has been printed, and not one word has been heard over any of the big commercial radio stations..."



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