Sunday, March 17, 2013


Egypt NASR CAR, article below, along with ALL FORMER STATE OWNED, OPERATED, INDUSTRY, NATURAL RESOURCES, SERVICES, i.e., means of production and distribution, MUST BE RETAINED and RESTORED!!

PRECISELY THIS, above/below, is what it is "ALL about Alfie" from post WWII Pan-Arab National Socialist Movement perspective, as in instance of HISTORIC former USSR, Red China, IRAQ, East/West Europe,

A common denominator, THREAD, running throughout all myriad, manifold, situations.

No need to reinvent a wheel, merely RESTORE AND EXPAND those assets formerly NATIONALIZED, NOW intentionally abandoned, destroyed, liquidated, bankrupted, so as to be PRIVATELY APPROPRIATED, seized, acquired, through VIOLENT, COVERT, COERCIVE, CRIMINAL, MEANS, penetration, infiltration, intervention, TREACHERY, wholesale, outright, theft, reactionary counter-revolution.

No empty rhetoric, jargon, needed to understand ABOVE/BELOW PRINCIPLE!!

One glaring EXAMPLE pure and simple below:

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