Sunday, March 10, 2013


Now, additional subtitle, "The Thugs of MENASA," encompassing ENTIRE region.

Oftentimes, I allude in my posts to a BOOK TITLE above/below, so, I thought I would highlight Albert Norden's book, especially apparently as it became available on line.

An introductory highlight follows below.

Published in 1942.

As in the case of US journalist George Seldes self-published book, "FACTS AND FASCISM," it is/was composed SIMULTANEOUS to events.  


But, of course, absent luxury of hindsight, time retroactively and leisurely to explore, review, FILES, ARCHIVES, INTERVIEWS, facts, documents, etc.

Remind anyone below of PRESENT day templates with a few minor programmatic adjustments, modifications, needed to accomodate contemporary situation?:

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