Thursday, September 18, 2014


I decided in this post to NOTE a PAKISTAN assassination attempt about which we, HERE, to see/read NOTHING whatsoever for OBVIOUS reasons below, unlike a young woman recently shot, becoming a cause celebre.

I think link below depicts, characterizes, fairly well, nicely, succinctly the Pakistan situation AND ALL current MIDEAST "LIBERATED" WAR ZONE theatres from sea to shining sea, extending elsewhere.

Details, specifics, may alter, vary, but, Nazi goon squad, thugs, criminals, PATTERN, TEMPLATE, remains SIMILAR.

Below, it is summarized much better than I do or can, matter of fact.

First link follow up to second one just underneath:

Initial report to above:

And returning to EGYPT which I followed earlier but only sporadically now.

First step, as indicated in my MANY EARLIER POSTS, being liquidation, prosecution, and, elimination of NAZI lineage and sponsored hatefilled, dreaded, barbaric, toxic, super-imposed, pseudo Egypt Islamic MB, which, as I indicated also in previous posts, upset worse laid plans of NAZI mice and men and THEIR Mideast pseudo Islamic applecart and power equation.

Regional consequences continue rippling outwards from Egypt.

One MUST credit EGYPT's military and POPULATION with ABOVE scenario.
They were the ONLY ones who actually DID something with NO outside help or support whatsoever!

NEXT, SECOND, STEP, being an economic QUESTION.

I am NOT sure or happy about what I PERCEIVE as not-too-creeping Egyptian privatization, IMF, investment forums, ONCE AGAIN.

But, my sources are limited, I am NOT present at the scene, and, thus I must rely upon very few details, sparse, sketchy, information.

So, this SEEMS to ME to be the case on basis of superficial reporting, but, again, multiple source, fact check, nuance, more info, NEEDED:

As for greatest nation on Planet Earth DIS-UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES inverted Alice in Wonderland through a Looking Glass Darkly, Orwellian, insecure HOMELAND, same ole, same ole, keeping on.

Just read my previous posts.

Nothing changes, or, if it does, it goes from bad to worse, jumping from a proverbial frying pan into an ETERNAL NAZI FLAME, fire, perpetual imperial warfare, voodoo economics, etc.

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