Monday, September 29, 2014


Everything implodes and explodes.

Anyway, scumbag, reactionary USSR TRAITOR, sell out and off, Putin sells military hardware to an entirely CRIMINAL, ILLEGITIMATE, NAZI IRAN/KRG OCCUPIED and annexed IRAQ regime, as you will see with 2 links below.

Ukraine, as previously characterized, being merely a pawn, appendage, in a BIG NAZI economic SQUEEZE between IMF and PUTIN, leverage, extension, of Mideast war:


So, now NAZI OCCUPIED IRAQ/SYRIA has a vast, sundry, assortment of militias fighting one another from KRG Peshmerga, IRAN, add to it another CONCOCTED Saudi/US/GCC fiefdom proxy ISIS assembled motley crew, along with FORMER IRAQ BAATH MILITARY personnel, possible, probable, liberation, resistance, opposition, movements, and, a mixed bag of private security forces, firms, covert ops, US military advisors to COUNTERACT, give leverage to, one or another interest as well as defend their economic investments until a supposed unified IRAQ government composed of one or another or all above supposedly to arise out of this mess.


An expansionist PERSIA/IRAN, and KRG, pose a mortal, EXISTENTIAL, and destabilizing threat to their nearby ARAB regimes.

It is ARAB STATES, NOT IRAN,  SUFFERING from bombs, OCCUPATION, war, with MASS refugees, displaced peoples, death, and, exodus. 

So, rather than belabor the point any further, below but a FEW, out of hundreds, thousands, entries regarding preceding subject matter.

IF you wish to read further, search my blog:



Before ending, a couple of brief, miscellaneous, notes.

As for latest Ebola scam, scare, and brouhaha, some OBVIOUS points.

Current NAZI OCCUPIED WHITE HOUSE already indicated they will provide LOTS of monies for VACCINE research and production, another of many taxpayer gifts, subsidies, like OBOOMA PRIVATE CARE, to our PRIVATE pharmaceutical companies.

A lucrative project.

And, of course, an excuse needed for military personnel and hardware to secure continued rape, plunder, asset stripping and grabbing, of local and sub Saharan, North African, vast continental resources.

Never mind ENDEMIC, grinding, poverty, disease, malnutrition, water, contamination, etc., perpetuated and CAUSED BY those ABOVE.

Instead, they/we have a mystery contagious disease requiring TONS of money spent for vaccines, research, and, military engagements.

Above being but ONE part of a global, SYSTEMIC, MELTDOWN, at the moment.

So, all of you, you know who you are, NAZI collaborators, enthusiastic supporters, apologists, in ALL preceding processes, enjoy your freedom.


You, collectively, earned your just desserts and CONTINUE doing so!!

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