Sunday, August 22, 2010


Adding to many previous POSTS I did, SEE BELOW, THIS MONTH, all following numerous, newly minted, flavored, burgeoning financial investments, resurgent NAZI AXIS, money flow, ties, partnerships, empires between ARAB GCC states DUBAI, EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, PALESTINE, ISRAEL, MORGAN STANLEY, CITIGROUP, ET.AL., now comes straight out of the horse's mouth of INFAMOUS IRAQ TRAITOR, SELL OUT and OFF EXTRAORDINAIRE, Hamid JAFAR of DANA GAS/CRESCENT OIL/ABRAAJ empire, octopus fame AND RUSSIA.

NAZI rats depart a sinking ship.
I GUARANTEE, as repeatedly I have in many previous posts, NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron, Sistani, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Baghdad Oil Minister, are TOAST!!
Gone with the wind, POSSIBLY, along with Turkey's Erdogan AKP.
It is incredulous to me how stupid all can be.
If all were smart, they would take their money and run.
All are utterly pathetic, but, then, EVERYBODY in this miserable, debased, spectacle of post WWII NAZI counter-revolution, resurgence, cooperation, collaboration, appeasement, compromise, apologetics, historical revisionism and opportunism are pathetic equally.
If ALL took a gun to their heads, committed Hari-Kari, suicide, it would make life alot more simple, less complicated for everybody else.
Ahmadimoron is a total farce, joke.
This pint sized, two bit, upstart NAZI Huthala/scumbag Dictator might as well take out his penis, wave it around in the air, ejaculate, and, threaten the world with a new military super weapon.
Irresistible highlight, EXCERPT below, link follows:
"Joint commitment for further cooperation in the Middle East and Russia
Sharjah - 22 August 2010:
H.E. the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, hosted a roundtable meeting in Moscow yesterday with senior representatives of the Crescent Group of Companies in the presence of H.E. Mr Igor Sechin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Chairman of Rosneft Oil Company, and senior executives of corporate entities from the Russian Federation in the sphere of oil and gas, finance, and logistics.

Also present at the meeting were Mr Alexander Sultanov, Deputy Foreign Minster of the Russian Federation, Mr Nikolay Tokarev, CEO of Transneft, Mr Andrei Akimov, CEO of Gazprombank, Mr Stanislav Tsiganov, Senior Executive of Gazprom, Mr Dmitri Shugayev, Deputy CEO RosTech Group, Mr Eduard Khudaiantov, First Vice-President of Rosneft and other senior members of Russian businesses. The Crescent Group was represented by Mr Hamid Jafar, Chairman of the Board, and Badr Jafar, Group Executive Director..."



And, a bit more about NABUCCO, RUSSIA, IRAQ, JAFAR:

Scroll backwards, down or up, through many earlier posts this month related to the above subject matter, beginning or ending with the following REMINDER to observe, as outlined below, an unfolding scenario:

ADDITIONALLY, I returned to an earlier entry and discovered another case of a MISSING LINK.
Well, not quite disappeared, but, for purchase only, NO longer free and publicly available.
Wonder why the sudden change, don't you??
Got any ideas?? 

Certainly, I DO!!
Here's my entry, nonetheless:

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