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Could not resist a follow up to my previous entry JUST BELOW THIS ONE, completing, or, enlarging an INSIDIOUS ISRAEL NAZI AXIS OF EVIL.
In my post just below this one, I linked to a report connecting Israel Bank LEUMI and MORGAN STANLEY ISRAEL, a cozy, incestuous relationship and revolving door.
Another name ADDED to our burgeoning, RESURGENT ISRAEL NAZI AXIS, CIRCLE OF EVIL, ROTHSCHILD, connected with Leumi, in this instance:



However, our HYPOCRITICAL global NAZI tentacles, investment and privatization hardly ends at ISRAEL and/or Bank LEUMI's door.

Not to be outdone, a reminder from a previous post I did, July, 2010, regarding DUBAI, MIDDLE EAST and ROTHSCHILD with a very likely, POSSIBLE, murky financial RUSSIAN connection as well:



Finally, discussing counter-revolutionary, reactionary, insidious, revived NAZI AXIS and Circles of Evil,
South Africa's ENCHA Group.

I JUST received an intriguing COMMENT which I posted at the bottom of a previous entry I did from MAY, 2010, link below.
I am forced to edit/review comments before posting because I receive LOTS of spam, junk.)

My answer to the comment I received as follows:
"NO, I know NOTHING more about South Africa's ENCHA Group then that which I posted below.
And, I know nothing about FRANCOIS KRITZINGER mentioned in the comment.
But, now, I must find out more about Kritzinger!!"

And, I DID.
Indeed, the information about Kritzinger is quite intriquing.
So, first, a link below to my MAY, 2010 post and comment to which I answer and refer above.
THEN, following my MAY 2010 post, a link to the article I found, THANKS TO THE COMMENT, connecting South Africa Francois KRITZINGER, ENCHA AND former trader MARC RICH.
First, my MAY 2010 post:


NEXT, a 2009 article, reference, report, referred to above in the COMMENT section regarding South Africa's FRANCOIS KRITZINGER, ENCHA and MARC RICH:


Worse than that above, however, in MY mind, is the insidious COVERT operative role represented by someone like former South African (COSATU) TRADE UNION LEADER Cyril RAMAPHOSA, giving new meaning to the descriptive term, a post-WWII NAZI RAT LINE.
In a previous post I mentioned RAMAPHOSA and a multimillion dollar empire REWARD for his nefarious sell out and off role.
Here it is (ALSO embedded link to my previous May 2010 post, above, about ENCHA):


The mother of them all, however, remains Poland's SOLIDARITY, Lech Walesa, sponsored, aided, abetted by OUR AFL-CIA,

This SAME grouping, nexus, will march around, making noises, empty gestures this Fall
prior to our exercise in futility, our November mid term FASCIST see-saw election pendulum.
Pay no heed.
Sound and fury signifying nothing, or, little, if anything
EXCEPT the fact ALL above must DO, SHOW something in order to retain visibility, viability, credibility, legitimacy as an Opposition in their role and influence, efficacy as covert operatives both here and abroad.
I suppose, one might say, this is a GROWTH INDUSTRY, United Suckers and Assholes official antidote to unemployment.

While I do not use personal, anecdotal material, I feel compelled to add two ILLUSTRATIVE points to my above observation.

First anecdote.
Years back, I attended ONE out of MANY ANC (African National Congress) sponsored anti-Apartheid events, demonstrations, in a major US East Coast city when somehow I got into a discussion with an ANC representative and JESSE JACKSON's name popped up.
I shall never forget some unsolicited information and a remark offered TO ME by this ANC individual, representative, NOT the other way around.
Paraphrasing as best I can, HE, the ANC connected individual, said TO me:
"It was Jesse Jackson who was on the balcony with Martin Luther KING when MLK was shot.
Nothing happened to Jackson!"
Case closed.
Point made.

Second anecdote.
When South Africa's Apartheid regime fell, JUST AFTER USSR COLLAPSE, I attended a JUBILANT ANC celebration in a major US East Coast city.
I recall distinctly, asking, raising, pondering to an ANC representative the question:
"What will you do NOW that the USSR exists NO longer??"
One could hear a pin drop in the room, as the proverbial expression goes.
It was as if embarrassingly I had observed and pointed out to him/them,
"Your trouser pants fly/zipper is open and your penis is hanging out."
The response was NO RESPONSE.
The subject simply was dropped, glossed over, as if never uttered.
So, I THEN knew things did NOT bode well for the future.
Often, I speculated whether or not South Africa's apartheid regime would have collapsed how and when it did IF the USSR had NOT crumbled just prior to it.

One thing is sure.
I will NOT be marching around with ANY of the above this coming Fall.


As for Iraq/Iran updates, see my post below and follow events as they unfold.
Too much for me to itemize, explosions, confrontation, assassination, political posturing, etc.
But, I have a last, irresistible comment to add regarding Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan.
Everyone, I HOPE, collectively, recalls Afghanistan WAS a sovereign, ancient, country, state, civilization.
But, Afghanistan was flattened, obliterated, destroyed, "bombed back to the Stone Age," with characteristic carefree and wanton abandon after the FORMER AFGHAN GOVERNMENT REQUESTED USSR ASSISTANCE and aid against "OUR" contrived, manufactured, covert, hired, mercenary "Islamic" Taliban, PAKISTAN ISI, BCCI "FREEDOM FIGHTER" thugs, war lords, goon squads, etc.
So, what to expect elsewhere like Iraq, for example??

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