Monday, August 9, 2010


I took a small reprieve, time away from the internet.

Felt good.
Will continue posting, updating, but, a bit more sporadically, perhaps, at least, for awhile.
Basically, everyone and everything moves along predictably as forecast, expected in previous posts, following their duly assigned roles in this globally debased, collaborative NAZI/Fascist USSR counter-revolutionary enterprise.
I find it impossible to listen to, pay attention, see, look at, consider seriously ANY of the endless, ceaseless stream of people, propaganda, apologist LIES, distortions, misrepresentations, disinformation, etc.
Truly, ALL are collectively disgusting, shameless in their appeasement and gutter compromise with Fascism/NAZISM Merchants of Death and Destruction.
Anyway, some random notes.

I thought the following small item about Morgan Stanley and Israel's Bank Leumi amusing, completing an Evil Circle.

Of course, Citigroup Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel, previously came out at the top of a NAZI dung heap in his/their battle with Israel multi-billionaire Nochi Dankner of Bank Hapoalim.
And, then, an Israeli State functionary dared, had the audacity, to suggest REVISING UPWARDS a previously "negotiated" offshore gas royalty in favor of the State.
All hell broke loose and that radical alternative appears to have gone the way of all mortal flesh.

So, vassal and vessel client State Israel is a goner, another sacrificial lamb, like ALL the others combined, controlled by ALL interests represented above and below:

"Outgoing Bank Leumi (TASE: LUMI) Eitan Raff has been appointed as a senior advisor at Morgan Stanley Israel. He served 15 years as Bank Leumi chairman. The terms of his new job are not known..."




Meanwhile, in another regional NAZI client, puppet State, the Iran/Iraq Regime Change saga, COUP, confrontation scenario, Sistani-Ahmadimoron-Shahristani versus Allawi and Company,, continues unabated.
Another day, week, month, another chapter.

ANYBODY paying attention to ANY PUBLIC nonsense and utterances like US "withdrawal' from Iraq is a total fool.
How can ANYONE seriously consider such unabashed garbage.


And a significant, but, I am afraid, TEMPORARY, Greek victory and development as a consequence of their MILITANT actions and threats.
A little piece of GOOD NEWS in an otherwise VERY BLEAK world.
As reported by TAXIKIPALI #4 in COMMENT SECTION of the link following:

"In what appears as a rapid retreat in the face of union threats, the Minister of the Environment has today announced there will be no selling of electricity infrastructures, although the government will be presenting its program of "liberating the energy market" by the end of 2010."




HOWEVER, immediately next door, part of Turkey's AKP ongoing wholesale sell off and out, POWER GRID PRIVATIZATION:


So, to ALL the many who HELPED, aided, abetted, apologized and continue so in this despicable process, enjoy your upcoming WARS, ENSUING CLASS BATTLES, and, especially HERE, where our institutional labor FRONT organizations, AFL-CIA, and whatever remains of their notorious gangster mob called a union, SEIU, will throw down a giant rat hole, drain MILLIONS of enslaved, working class dues, cash, resources for their PARTNERS in crime, our NAZI Democratic/Greek PASOK Party in November's upcoming futile exercise called mid-term s-election campaign.
YOU GET YOUR DESERVED, JUST REWARDS in as many ways and forms possible, from global natural and social destruction, disaster, deterioration, decay, unemployment, dislocation, pollution, degradation, catastrophe, disease, chaos, you name it!
All evils and ills of Pandora's Social Box re-opened.
You helped tear down the symbolic and REAL Berlin Wall and threw the baby out with the bath water.
Thus, it is YOUR problem to solve NOW, like Iraq, i.e., you break it, you own it!

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