Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, clever scenario proposed below, isn't it?

Substitute a fictional nuke narrative with NAZI Iran Mullah Sistani's Baghdad Oil Minister and son-in-law, Shahristani and Company, versus Iraq PM Allawi and Company, since NEITHER removed from office either in Iran or Iraq.
Thus, an increasing intractable Iraq/Iran stalemate continues with NO time remaining to play games.

Then, of course, Israel DEFINITELY NEVER acts on its own.
That is GIVEN.

And, ALL Arab states CERTAINLY support this fig leaf.
Hillary has been running around quietly behind the scenes internationally, bargaining, wheeling and dealing, getting her ducks prepared and in line.

Then, of course, we have a competing Palestinian billionaire's club, Masri versus Khoury, CCC,, in Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza/Palestine, (** in case you do not remember or are new to my blog, I will, at the end, link to a previous post I did regarding Palestinian Masri, Khoury connections) making a PRIVATIZED, ECONOMICALLY INTEGRATED, but, nominally independent Palestinian State a distinctly feasible possibility.
Further misleading below in their headline, not "price" but "bargain."
A grand bargain, as you can see.
And, as mentioned below, further regional financial BUY OFFS AND OUT, since, Alfie, THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT EVERYWHERE.
So, here you have it.
Desperate times create desperate measures:


**Link to my previous post about Khoury, Masri connections, mentioned above:


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