Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I do not usually deign commenting on our most obvious, insidious depraved domestic, internal United Suckers and Assholes political machinations for fear of boring and insulting readers intelligence.

But, in this instance, I can not help indulging myself.
I "laughed out loud" yesterday when first I heard reported
Democratic mobster and former Illinois Governor, Blago (Blagojevich), experienced what is labeled a "hung jury" in his recent trial.
ONE of twelve jurors could not reach a verdict on 23 counts of indictment.
But, I am afraid, celebrations are short lived.
It represents a Pyrrhic victory BOTH for Blago and his NAZI Democratic cohorts.

Already, it was announced Blago will be RE-TRIED, an event occurring probably SIMULTANEOUS to our November mid-term s-election process, AND, this time around, unlike previous, it is anticipated virtually most of our present NAZI Democratic White House staff, including Obooma, will be called to testify.
This should prove very entertaining.
Meanwhile, I could NOT but help speculating whether or not "jury tampering" occurred.
Did someone get to this one, lone juror, holdout, promising her money, perhaps??
Was she "planted" in the first place??

So, both Blago and the NAZI Dems are DONE, FINISHED!
Of course, we have our see-saw, pendulum swing, twin NAZI Republic-rats Party DICTATORSHIP to ride to the rescue replacing them.
And, then, for further entertainment, for crappy commercial media and TV our manufactured, so-called, "identity wedge issues" created by our twin NAZI Republic-rat Parties on which they can agree to disagree, march around, make noise, including, but, not limited to, mosques, immigration, Gaza, Palestine, Israel, etc., thus, diverting and distracting attention AWAY from our ONGOING IRAQ WAR/S FIASCOS, DISASTERS, CATASTROPHES, PRIVATIZATION, ECONOMIC DISLOCATION, DEPRESSION, DISINTEGRATION, UPHEAVAL, UNEMPLOYMENT, HEALTH CARE, POVERTY, ETC.
"It's the economy, Stupid!"
So, now add Blago into the preceding recipe mix, proving, I am sure, to be equally, if not more, delightfully entertaining and NOT a made for TV "identity wedge issue," but, reality TV, instead.

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