Monday, September 1, 2014


2 Malaysia Airline recent tragedies occurred which appear to be forgotten, overlooked, along with indefinite HALT to further INVESTIGATION and evidence collection, lost amidst a deafening, orchestrated, cacophony, din, of MEDIA war drums and another contrived, monolithic, ubiquitous, amorphous, and, we are assured, PROMISED, gargantuan terrorist threat.

Except to willingly feeble minded, it is OBVIOUS, like a 9/11 provocation, ISIS terror threats and cynically manipulated pretext of humanitarian disaster, are manufactured to justify FURTHER military intervention within an EXPANDED MIDEAST war theatre zone, in particular, NAZI ARYAN IRAN Shit Militias and KRG OCCUPIED IRAQ and SYRIA, to "PACIFY" warring and competing HOSTILE OCCUPATION parties, PROTECT PRIVATE interests, AND, most assuredly, neutralize ANY POPULAR UPRISING, RESISTANCE, OPPOSITION, LIBERATION, INSURRECTION and/or GUERRILLA movements against policies and names ABOVE, i.e., wholesale sell out and off of land, natural and industrial resources, PRIVATE expropriation, asset stripping, etc.

Meanwhile, 2 Malaysian airlines downed under VERY mysterious circumstances in a relatively short period of time.

I noted this extraordinary coincidence in a few earlier entries.

So, I thought to choose, among MANY others, one link BELOW BECAUSE it features MALAYSIA AIRLINES PRIVATIZATION plans!!

I can only say that CAUSE and effect MUST be reconsidered in view of ABOVE/BELOW FACT.

First, a Malaysian airplane disappears from the radar screen somewhere over a greater Pacific Ocean with NO clue as to why, where, when, how.

Next, another Malaysian flight SUPPOSEDLY chose an apparently dangerous route while other airlines scheduled to fly same route UNAFFECTED.

Too many extraordinary, inexplicable, coincidental, strange, SUSPICIOUS, circumstances for one airline to experience in such a relatively SHORT period of time as far as I am concerned, along with premature HALT to investigation and evidence acquisition!!:

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