Saturday, October 25, 2014


Notorious Deutsche Bank, historical for its NAZI pedigree and lineage, like so many others in a sordid, ongoing, NAZI spider network, rat hole, HERE and abroad, experiences a curious high level "suicide," noted in link below.

As some COMMENTS below indicate, MANY SUSPICIOUS, grizzly, HIGH LEVEL BANKING related "SUICIDES" seem to happen recently.

I am glad to see SOMEONE below actually talks about LIQUIDATING these CRIMINAL institutions, PROSECUTING THESE BASTARDS for HIGH FINANCIAL THEFT, RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, STRIPPING THEM OF THEIR ASSETS, nationalizing our banking industry and related resources.

So, who and what stands in the way of creating such a broad based and POPULAR, PRINCIPLED, OPPOSITION AGAINST FASCISM/NAZISM, including, but, not limited to, establishing a NOT FOR PROFIT, UNIVERSAL, NATIONAL, Single Payer Health Care system, EXPANDING MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY pension SYSTEM FOR ALL??

The answer being, once again, our vast, hypocritical, US MAFIA led AFL-CIA/SEIU labor federation whores, pimps, prostitutes, and, their CORPORATE business partners, "liberal" sponsored front groups, think tanks, publications.

They ACTIVELY BLOCK, DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY FROM, these and other ISSUES, DEMANDS, via vast financial and organizational resources, threat, intimidation, blackmail, and, political, economic, PARTNERSHIP, connections, with THOSE named ABOVE/BELOW.

NO GENERAL STRIKE OCCURS IN NAZI OCCUPIED US whereas general strikes DO occur OFTEN in places such as Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, etc.??

How come??

A salient, pertinent, and, rhetorical QUESTION. 

What is it that makes our US labor movement and its/their tactics SO VASTLY DIFFERENT from those named above and others??

As US lambs march off willingly to slaughter, lemmings jump off a financial precipice into a deepening quagmire, abyss, cul-de-sac, following those above:

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