Friday, October 17, 2014


Greatest Dis-United Suckers and Assholes nation on Planet Earth inundated with FEAR MONGERING.

From manipulated and manufactured exotic diseases to ambiguous, amorphous, terrorists, wars, Homeland Insecurity multiplies, like insects and astronomical DEBT. 

Meanwhile, jobs, industry, incomes, collapse, taxes rise, homelessness escalates, while LUXURY REAL ESTATE SPECULATION, DEVELOPMENT,  continues unchallenged and a FOR PROFIT medical/health care system becomes a sick, demoralized, one.

But, no sooner than our most current STOCK MARKET asset bubble begins tumbling downwards in a death defying spiral, MORE FEDERAL RESERVE stimulus monies, quantitative easing, i.e, financial life support systems, appear guaranteed on the horizon from THEIR OWN PRIVATELY held FEDERAL RESERVE MONEY TREE printing press, helping once again to resuscitate already zombie, comatose, parasitic, NAZI corporations.

Anyway, let peons continue eating a daily toxic diet of lies, shit, fiction.

Let our PRIVATELY OWNED crappy commercial media continue reverberating as an echo chamber and cheerleaders for ALL and more above, including s-elections.

Let everyone eat their electronic gadgets of all varieties and let their electronic gadgets feed the poor, shelter the homeless, and so on.

Let freedom ring all over this land!

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