Tuesday, October 21, 2014


In a post below, just BEFORE our latest Ebola scare began reaching its current zenith, (*link at bottom*), I pointed out that our resident NAZI Obooma Administration PREVIOUSLY earmarked oodles of money to subsidize our stinking toxic pharmaceutical, as well as medical, profitable VACCINE research and development industries, listed, of course, on Stock Market exchanges.

This comes to fruition NOW beginning with Ebola.

I do NOT follow details on this particular subject matter, BUT, the VERY little I heard regarding a PARTICULAR firm researching an Ebola vaccine sounds truly ominous, scary, to me, much more than any supposed sudden Ebola pandemic.

By the way, Ebola is NOT new, having been around a long time, along with truly horrific widespread conditions in Africa most of which, many, could be eradicated, ameliorated, with some simple environmental sanitary conditions, better housing, food, public health, water, etc.

Again, from the snippet I heard, their so-called EXPERIMENTAL Ebola vaccine relates PERHAPS to GENETIC engineering, ominous sounding to ME.

The human guinea pigs for this pharmaceutical experiment conveniently located in AFRICA, since, after all, we SUDDENLY have a "humanitarian" African epidemic.

This post illustrates, FIRST, OBVIOUS economic determinism, motivation, BUT, IN ADDITION, a WARNING!

Buyer Beware!

A PROPOSED cure sounds more frightening than the disease.

Below but 2 samples out of many more links, articles, reports: 




*EARLIER LINK*referenced above:


Additionally, as indicated in an earlier post, above, MILITARY camouflage under humanitarian disguise, continued policies of rape, plunder, asset stripping and private appropriation of Africa natural resources and industry!

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