Thursday, December 18, 2014


I do NOT bother with more superfluous, redundant, commentaries.

ALL below being OPEN SECRETS, except for WILLING idiots and NAZI ideologues, apologists, partners, collaborators, etc., here and abroad.

An OBVIOUSLY coordinated GLOBAL ISLAMIC PROVOCATION, covert ops "terrorist threat," excuse, fig leaf, provided as I write.

So, putting 2 and 2 together, below, along with MY many previous posts, and, we/you know what comes next, on the horizon, EXPANDED MIDEAST WARFARE, along with Jeb Bush as President so they can play THEIR diversionary, theatrical, partisan blame game, bickering, finger pointing:


As for insecure homeland of DIS-UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES and THEIR NAZI OCCUPIED INSTITUTIONS and nauseating filth at the top, more FREE FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLARS to be minted from THEIR PRIVATELY OWNED money tree to prop up THEIR already bankrupt, zombie, comatose, PRIVATE NAZI corporations and THEIR economic system, while everyone else perishes.

It's every man, woman, child for him/her self in this BRUTAL world.

Our industries gone with the wind.
Natural resources privately owned.
No nationalization here.

NOT a single word, ACTION, in Opposition regarding above policies from a nominal AFL-CIA/SEIU umbrella LABOR organization.

On the contrary, mon ami, ALL ABOVE SUPPORT STIMULUS, QUANTITATIVE EASING, DEBT financing, etc.

And, of course, TAX giveaways to subsidize OBOOMA PRIVATE HEALTH CARE.

Well, ALL TO PAY DEAR CONSEQUENCES for THEIR/A Faustian economic and political NAZI BARGAIN, collaboration, appeasement, investment, partnership.

MULTIPLE CHOICES, MANY FORKS IN THE ROAD, existed, numerous times.


You chose, instead, paths of least resistance, the ones MOST, and, often, TAKEN, with dire consequences to follow.

BLEW ALL OPPORTUNITIES handed you on a silver platter.

THUS, will you, too, become ancient historical artifacts, relics.

Nobody but yourselves to blame!

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