Monday, December 22, 2014


I will use John Helmer to deliver a Holiday message in link/interview, below, in lieu of myself.

Not mentioned specifically, amongst other issues, but, lurking in the background, a US Federal Reserve FREE printing press, money tree, to SUBSIDIZE PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL NAZI CORPORATIONS, INDIVIDUALS, in the form of ersatz stimulus, quantitative easing, AND, SOCIALIZED DEBT.

Well, I have a REAL stimulus plan.

Give every individual US adult citizen ONE MILLION DOLLARS FREE and for those with dependent children under the age of 18, a half million more for each child.

That represents a REAL stimulus package costing MUCH less than the MULTI-BILLIONS now being SQUANDERED, wasted, on RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, their owners, shareholders, profiteers, and redundant investment asset bubbles, speculation, boondoggles.

Casino capitalism, guaranteed with State taxpayer monies.

So, without much further ado:

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