Monday, December 29, 2014


A postscript, link at bottom, to an earlier entry, just below, "Islamic State."

Every individual and group opportunist, apologist, collaborator, appeaser, surrogate, covert ops, front organization, unabashed economic partners, investors, cheerleaders, ideologues, coupled with RECIDIVIST NAZI WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and their latter day monopoly clones and overlapping international cartels, PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, for profit, SUCK!!

Every last one of you/it/them!!


ALL supposedly smart, clever, sophisticated, erudite, sanitized, troglodytes can go to hell together in a hand basket for your/their WILLING  COLLABORATION, COMPROMISE, COOPERATION, with WAR, DEATH, DESTRUCTION, all for the sake of EVER MORE, MORE, MORE, personal, PRIVATE, PROFIT, GREED, SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT, PENSION INVESTMENTS, HEALTH CARE, JOBS, ETC.!

Turn of the century industrial and financial ROBBER BARONS, ARISTOCRACY, PARASITES, live on 
BECAUSE YOU, and, in particular, US AFL-CIA/SEIU ersatz umbrella labor federation, ALLOW, permit, it/ them to survive as SYSTEMIC slaves, serfs, peons, indentured servitude, prostitutes, in debt and bondage in perpetuity.

THIS is the retrograde, debased, decrepit, SYSTEM THEY want to EXPAND!!

A cruel, barbaric, hoax, joke, an insane lunatic fringe asylum let loose, a brutal, inhumane, OLD, dead, decaying, rotten, putrefied, zombie, WORLD ORDER.

It, they, and, consequently, WE, are DOOMED FROM THE GET GO; an ugly death filled with vile and violent paroxysms.

They and their system are historical artifacts, relics, like DINOSAURS, destined to annihilation and extinction.

Our planet will survive but NOT US!:

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