Sunday, October 11, 2015


Heading above is paraphrase from a previous post I did about Ukraine, link below.

 An essential hypothesis for Ukraine, QUOTED in my link BELOW, can NOW be RECAPITULATED similarly for Syria, i.e., with Oligarch CZAR Lilli-Putin manufacturing a CAUSE CELEBRE, reason, excuse, for further OUTSIDE military intervention, tensions, more DEAD ARABS, and, refugees.

The economic and military battlefield continues to expand daily with each and every step presumably resolving a crisis, thereby creating more shifting variables, factors, complications, RESISTANCE, OCCUPATIONS, INEVITABLE ESCALATION, in already unbalanced equations.

So, the worse laid economic plans of competing, contradictory, barbaric, primitive, NAZI mice and men will come to naught and everyone associated with them ALL to FALL DOWN together in desperate maneuvers to prop up failing and flailing economic CRIMINAL REGIMES EVERYWHERE.

Oligarch CZAR Putin merely ups an ante, a beginning, not end, for FURTHER militarism, internecine, internal, external, warfare, tension, fighting, resistance, occupation, liberation, competition, systemic collapse, targeted assassinations, coups, LABOR strife, shifting alliances, ENDLESS WAR, all those nice "civilized" things.

An important distinction, however, to be made in latest, reactionary, GLOBAL PRIVATIZATION WARFARE.

Those involved in Mideast fighting, especially PSEUDO ISLAMIC CRIMINAL FASCIST THUG regimes, their coalitions, alliances, are NOT EVEN OBLIGATED TO MAKE TOKEN GESTURES to BUY, PURCHASE, PAY, FOR STATE and/or PERSONAL ASSETS when they OCCUPY, ANNEX, SEIZE ASSETS, TERRITORY--
THEY MERELY APPROPRIATE, TRANSFER, STATE AND PRIVATE ASSETS OUTRIGHT, free of charge, like good old fashioned warfare did/does.
To the victor go the spoils.

Certainly that represents a GRAND BARGAIN worthy of HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, THEFT, RECIDIVIST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, massive and wholesale slaughter:

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