Thursday, October 1, 2015


Glad to see someone else keeping tabs on the most glorious and hilarious machinations and maneuvers of a GLOBAL, FASCIST partnered, oxymoron, LEFT OPPOSITION, CABAL, and their internecine, overlapping, backslapping, fan club and mutual support group EVERYWHERE.

Birds of a feather flock together! 

Much appreciated this latest TSIPRAS compilation below.

I need ALL the help I can muster, seriously, since it is a LARGE GLOBE with many languages and a cast of thousands of nefarious characters for only one person to follow.

A Herculean task.

I did a few earlier posts on Tsipras visit to the US a little while back where he peddled SAME JUNK, i.e., Greek investment, or, GREECE FOR SALE, at one of our many misnomer "Think" Tanks.
I link to that earlier post, below, for your enjoyment, reference and/or entertainment, as you wish.

I found this a very enjoyable and entertaining read with some extra little background tidbits:

Earlier post to which I refer above and Tsipras at the US BROOKINGS INSTITUTE:

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