Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I apologize to anyone outside the US IF they fail to appreciate just WHO AND WHAT today's black humor, link below, represents.

For all others, it is abundantly self-evident, clear, as you will see IF you read exhaustive comments beneath article.

Of course, do NOT count on exceptionally brainwashed American  stupidity, oxymoron nomenclature LEFT OPPOSITION Democrats, liberal FRONT groups, AFL-CIA, conveniently and intentionally IGNORING what happens beneath their noses.

Well earned!

Dis-United Suckers and Assholes has 2 NAZI/FASCIST CORPORATE PARTIES, Republic-rats and Democ-rats, former being outright Fascist/NAZI.
What you see or hear is what you get, pretty much.

The latter, Democ-rats, significantly WORSE BECAUSE THEY PRETEND being something they are NOT, i.e., NAZI wolves, whores, dressed in Grandma's clothing, crushing, suppressing, infiltrating, neutralizing, ANY INDEPENDENT, PARTISAN, PRINCIPLED, CLASS ACTION, ORGANIZATION, OPPOSITION, ADVANCING good old fashioned historical NATIONAL SOCIALIST, i.e., NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, NAZI/FASCIST, AGENDA.

So, "BRING IT ON," to quote another lame brained Fascist Fuhrer, both here and abroad, war, systemic economic collapse, asset bubbles, stripping, PRIVATIZATION, chaos, while THEIR completely impotent sleazebag, boy toy, mascot, Obooma, can continue exercising petulant temper tantrums, blowing hot air, as a world collapses around us ALL!:

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