Monday, November 2, 2015


Above proposal ridiculous, absurd??

Why not??

Turn about in WAR is fair play, especially since ALL named above, amongst others, being all too happy to invade, occupy, divide, annex, terrorize, pauperize, ASSET STRIP, PRIVATELY APPROPRIATE, which is what it is all about, FORMER MIDEAST PAN ARAB SOCIALIST countries like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, as well as sub-Saharan Africa, FORMER Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, UKRAINE, USSR, and, perhaps others I may have overlooked for purposes of oversimplification and/or memory lapse.

Instead of INVADING, OCCUPYING, ANNEXING, ARAB countries how about turning it the other way around??

For example, let us begin a little exercise with the North American continent.

Mexico can annex southernmost parts of western US which formerly were parts of Mexico, anyway, and, that will eliminate illegal or legal immigrant problems and porous borders.

US Northeast, perhaps, Northwest and Midwest, too, can join with CANADA, which, I'M SURE MANY HERE WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO!



They will be greeted with flowers as LIBERATORS!

As for Southeast US, well, they can secede, go it on their own, which is what they wanted to do in the first place during the Civil War, and, raise their Confederate flag once again.

Anyone who wants to leave a newly minted, independent, Confederate Southeast State can IMMIGRATE, become refugees, for reasons not to much different than that occurring NOW in the MIDEAST! 

As for the rest of the country, the "heartland," they can decide with whom they want to partner, or, just stay on in an abbreviated form of the USA. 

Returning geographically to the greater Eurasia, Mediterranean, and, African continents. 

Egypt survived intact BECAUSE they DESTROYED their HATEFUL NAZI Islamic Front Dictatorship, i.e., Muslim Brotherhood.

Of course, it now depends on HOW Egypt's military  ASSERTS IT/THEMSELVES regionally and globally and whether or not they fall into INVESTMENT POLICIES of a NEW/OLD NAZI/FASCIST GREAT OR GREATER POWERS IMPERIALIST MONSTER TRAP.

It does NOT look to good to me however.

Another regional HORROR called TURKEY'S AKP lurks in the background.

But, still, a STRONG TURKISH MILITARY exists and can also EXERT itself in regional power equations.

Turkish and Egyptian militaries being POLITICAL animals have been VERY NATIONALISTIC in past decades and can INSERT THEMSELVES BOTH DOMESTICALLY AS WELL as externally once again.

Nazi concocted Zionist Israel is but a junior, bit, player in this fiasco, and, of course, a client, vassal, state of the US.

Another PSEUDO ISLAMIC and client state, SAUDI ARABIA, ALREADY involved up to their eyeballs regarding a fictitious ISIS, or, whatever name they call these nebulous mercenaries.

Of course, an equally criminal KRG exists in northern Iraq and their Peshmerga forces.

Not too many STRONG European militaries floating around these days.

France and England involved.

Germany MILITARILY defanged, but, of course, NOT economically and ALLIED with US SCUM.

Germany can always remilitarize itself quite quickly.

So, I look forward to ESCALATING war, fighting, and ultimate dissolution of NAZI OCCUPIED IRAN, IRAQ, SYRIA, AT MINIMUM, and ALL their clients, vassals, clones.


And, who knows for sure, at this point.

Skies the limit.

Perhaps, FINALLY, bombs will fall on an insecure US homeland.

With only one exception, Pearl Harbor in WWII, the US was NEVER directly BOMBED, subject to HOSTILE invading and marauding armies, thugs, goons, barbarians, mercenaries, crisscrossing their territory.

But, NOW they have REAL enemies, armies, militaries, to worry about, not STATE SPONSORED FICTITIOUS TERRORISTS, such as those of US style Reichstag Fire like provocation 9/11 event, ISIL, etc.

And, what about "nationalism."

Well, IF you hear Republican Presidential Candidate and Real Estate Tycoon Donald Trump speak, you will understand why I say NATIONALISM.

I am NOT sure IF Trump ultimately will get the Republican nomination.

As a footnote, postscript, for anyone reading this POSSIBLY NOT in the US, I will link BELOW to a TRUMP campaign rally in an Iowa "heartland" to DEMONSTRATE what I mean above.
IF one is here, this stuff is ALL over the place, so, no need to link to it.  
Essentially, THIS is THEIR upcoming program, no matter who or what wins.


A political vacuum.
Of course, MOST brainwashed, propagandized, idiots here do not even know the difference between NATIONALIZATION versus NATIONALISM, patriotism, protectionism, TRADE, TARIFF, WARS, revisited a la previous historical periods.

When idiots HERE put Communism and Nazism INTO THE SAME CATEGORY BECAUSE THEY BOTH END WITH "ISM," what more can I add to that!!??

But, for the rest of us, we all know WHERE such INEVITABLE, INTERNAL, SYSTEMIC, CONTRADICTIONS LEAD.  

So, below is ONE Trump campaign rally to which I refer above.

I FORCE myself to listen to this stuff occasionally.
I can NOT tolerate it more than once.

I am NOT going to comment any further on it/him.
You can judge for yourselves.

But, I will add one minor, personal, cultural note by way of explanation.
Direct, bold, theatrical, blunt, to the point, a "caricature" and character.
Everything reeks of NYC.
So, I find listening to him FOR THAT ONE REASON a little bit more palatable, tolerable, amusing, which has nothing whatsoever to do with anything else:

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