Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A report above/below piqued my attention.

To understand WHY you must read two earlier entries I did regarding Pearl Petroleum AND matters related JUST UNDERNEATH this most current link.

Of course, ALL matters intertwine in a very sordid and nasty tale.

So, first, current report about Pearl Petroleum and another CRIMINAL regime, KRG:

Then, for background links to which I refer above.

I searched my OWN BLOG to refresh my memory regarding Pearl Petroleum.

What I found follows below.

However, it seems, when pertinent information naming names does, or, did exist on the internet, magically these embedded links disappear shortly thereafter.

So, do your best.

Just more nails in a SYSTEMIC, zombie, bloodthirsty, parasitic, coffin regarding states of perpetual warfare, imperialism, dead Arabs, and others, collateral damage, state sponsored terror regimes, a 100 years war, a la Fritz Lang's recidivist 1931 NAZI Empire of Crime movie.
Top link actually refers BACK to one underneath it, but, I separated them anyway:


As for a Turkey in the US White House, I am, of course, referring to Unser vacuous CIA airhead and puppet Fuhrer, who, perfunctorily, "pardoned" a live turkey on this Thanksgiving Day holiday.

The one needing a pardon SOON to be HIM!!

So, his gesture is/was perhaps SYMBOLIC!
Soon enough, he will be off playing golf which seems to be what he does best. 

Not soon enough for me, however, and, multitudinous victims of crimes THEY perpetrate against ALL humanity they and THEIR zombie SYSTEM to go the way of the dinosaurs.

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