Friday, November 6, 2015


IF a fair and POPULAR PRESIDENTIAL election were held NOW, immediately, in good old NAZI OCCUPIED US OF A, I am quite sure Donald Trump would win, hands down.

But, one MUST understand in NAZI OCCUPIED Dis-United Suckers and Assholes, an arcane, byzantine, national Presidential s-election system exists with Party primaries, an obscure "electoral college," (delegates), and, IN GENERAL, manipulation of pre-determined outcomes and processes.

So, for those, such as myself, and, a few others who DO understand such things, part of an otherwise PRESIDENTIAL FAKE s-election process THIS TIME AROUND is watching HOW they TRY to get rid of, i.e., Dump Trump, whose SELF-FINANCED candidacy came upon them quite unexpectedly, like a lightening bolt out of the blue, and, he simply is managing to step on too many toes by being outspoken on a few OBVIOUS issues and facts, which is why he would probably get elected.

Trump being a well known, UNABASHED, NYC real estate developer, mogul, casino operator, and, MULTI-BILLIONAIRE is NOT a career politician, as are many/most of the other candidates.

But, Trump is/was NOT THEIR pre-chosen, predetermined, and, anointed Republic-rat candidate.

It was SUPPOSED TO BE BUSH, like CLINTON, with a Republic-rat winning so we can have a customary see-saw, blame game, finger pointing.


This is what I and my friends are betting on, watching, and, waiting to see.
We have different plausible scenarios in which they can blackmail, harass, discredit, threaten, him.


But, Trump, knows HOW THEY play THEIR GAMES, secrets, and, he has deep pockets, resources, ALSO.

So, it won't be a simple, easy, job, like in so many previous instances.

It is akin to a mafia war, except, STATE resources, like intelligence, covert ops, involved and Trump does NOT have access to THAT/THEM.
So, at minimum, Trump has made this otherwise disgusting and boring event a more entertaining and interesting one.

Must thank Trump for that and hope he sticks around to throw MORE DARTS collectively into their faces.

Of course, Trump COULD bolt the Republic-rats to form an independent 3rd party, but, I'm sure he knows better than that since PROBABLY THEY WOULD KILL HIM IF he did it! 

Anyway, another SAMPLE LINK BELOW from a recent Trump news conference to give one a FLAVOR of Trump's campaign, what and HOW he says it, etc., in case you live somewhere else where this is not an everyday event.
It's relatively short, not too long.
So, enjoy!
This is the ONLY entertaining part of an otherwise miserable endeavor:

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